The Last Place You'd Look
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The Last Place You'd Look

True Stories of Missing Persons and the People Who Search for Them
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Carole Moore
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Every day people go missing. Some run away, some are kidnapped, some are the victims of foul play. This book examines true stories of missing persons and their families alongside the various resources available to them.
What happens when a non-custodial parent kidnaps her son? Or a college student vanishes after a night out with friends? Or a middle-aged man seemingly drowns in calm waters? What do family members, friends, and law enforcement do when a beloved goes missing? Here, Moore explores an array of missing persons' scenarios, using real life stories, to uncover the various ways that people go missing, the efforts made to retrieve them, the emotional fallout for family and friends, and the difficulties and challenges such cases present for all involved. She covers parental abductions, intentional disappearances, stranger abductions, the missing and mentally ill, runaways, foul play, and other situations where people go missing. In addition, the criminal justice approach to missing persons is discussed, as Moore looks at the science of missing persons (DNA, forensic dentistry, etc.), resources for family and friends, national organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and other groups involved in searching and recovering loves ones. Here, readers will discover how people are found, how missing persons' cases are treated, and how and why some stories have happy endings and others do not.
1 Chapter One: Land of the Missing: It's a Big Ugly World Out There for Families of the Lost
2 Chapter Two: Two Brothers: A Federal Marshal Confront the Unthinkable

3 Chapter Three: The Police: A Report Card on Police and Missing Persons Cases

4 Chapter Four: Yesterday and Today: DNA, Dental Records and Other Forensic Tools

5 Chapter Five: Running Away From It All: Missing By Design

6 Chapter Six: Parental Abduction: Stories of the Parents Left Behind

7 Chapter Seven: The Mentally Ill and Substance Abuse: The Forgotten Missing

8 Chapter Eight: Far and Away: Disappearances Abroad

9 Chapter Nine: A Story of Rumors, Gossip and Innuendo: A Family's Tragedy Feeds for the Gossip Mill

10 Chapter Ten: Foul Play Suspected: What Happens When All Hope Is Gone

11 Chapter Eleven: The Searchers: NCMEC, Project Jason, Search and Rescue, Private Eyes and Others

12 Chapter Twelve: Happy Endings: These Loved Ones Came Home