Surviving After Cancer
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Surviving After Cancer

Living the New Normal
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Anne Katz
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There are an estimated 10 million cancer survivors in America, and this number continues to grow every day as more effective treatments become available. Survivors and their families often call this phase of living after cancer the 'new normal.' This phase, however, is fraught with emotion, anxiety, fear, and joy, and many survivors and their families are not equipped to deal with these challenges. This book addresses in lively detail these issues, illustrating each with stories of survivors and current studies about survivorship.
With so many people surviving cancer and living 'the new normal,' guiding survivors and their families through the phases of recovery has become an imperative. But learning to live as a survivor and dealing with both the triumphs and challenges, including fear of recurrence, depression, life and occupational stress, the need for surveillance for complications and secondary cancers, sex and relationship issues, diet and exercise for a healthy life, can be confusing and difficult. Finding resources to help equip survivors and their families for this new phase can be difficult. However, this book, based on studies and current practice in the area of cancer survivorship, will help guide readers through the most crucial areas of recovery post-cancer. Each chapter presents the story of a cancer survivor who meets the challenges of survivorship and contains tips and solutions for problems encountered in all aspects of survivorship. Readers will not only gain a better understanding of this new phase of life, but will come away with solid advice for leading a healthy and productive life again.
Section 1: What is the New Normal?
Chapter 1: You're a survivor now
Section 2: The Challenges of Being a Cancer Survivor
Chapter 2: Is the cancer back?
Chapter 3: When Will I be happy again?
Chapter 4: What will Everyone Say?
Chapter 5: What Do I Feel So Tired?
Chapter 6: Where Did that Feeling Go?
Chapter 7: Feeling Fit
Chapter 8: What Should I Be Looking For?
Chapter 9: We Want to Start a Family
Chapter 10: Am I losing my mind?
Section 3: Surviving and Thriving: The New Normal

Chapter 11: A Blueprint for Health
Chapter 12: Resources
Chapter 13: Bibliography