World Class Marriage
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World Class Marriage

How to Create the Relationship You Always Wanted with the Partner You Already Have
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Patty Howell
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World Class Marriage is an engaging, practical and personal guide for relationship success written by two experienced marriage and relationship educators who share a loving and successful 30-year marriage with each other. The authors combine the latest and best information and guidance about how couples can avoid relationship damage and create lasting love, with unique insights and personal examples from their own successful marriage and extraordinary career teaching relationship skills around the world. This warm and practical guide will help readers keep or retrieve the love, closeness, and intimacy everyone wants from marriage.
Millions of American marriages have failed or will fail, resulting in what the authors see as a social epidemic that brings devastating consequences to the couple, their children, and to the economic and social fabric of society. Building upon their notion of the 16 'pillars' that promote a healthy and rewarding marriage, the authors present a structure for relationship success that is built upon groundbreaking information about what does and does not work in relationships and the conditions that promote growth and intimacy. This approach offers couples a powerful toolbox for eliminating behaviors that damage their relationship and pumping up the behaviors that promote love, caring, closeness and cooperation. World Class Marriage is a book all couples who want to see their marriages last should read and share.
1 Acknowledgments
2 Definition of a World Class Marriage

3 Introduction

4 The Nature of Marriage

5 The Structure of a World Class Marriage

6 Diagram of the Structure

7 Part One: The Sixteen Pillars of a World Class Marriage

8 1. Setting Goals

9 2. Avoiding Blame

10 3. Understanding the Nature of Behavior

11 4. Using Power Listening

12 5. Giving up "Tit for Tat"

13 6. Assuming Self-Responsibility

14 7. Avoiding Cool Talk

15 8. Changing Behaviors, Not Your Partner

16 9. Knowing When to Surrender

17 10. Giving Caring the Way It Matters

18 11. Handling Hot Topics

19 12. Resolving Conflicts and Disagreements

20 13. Giving Apology and Forgiveness

21 14. Growing Yourself

22 15. Forging a Bond

23 16. Nurturing the Honeymoon

24 Part Two: Applying the Pillars

25 Living Together

26 Gay/Lesbian Relationships

27 Kids and the Relationship

28 Getting Men to Communicate

29 Being Yourself in the Relationship

30 Concluding Thoughts

31 Endnotes

32 Bibliography

33 Workshops

34 About the Authors

35 International Editions