Human Behavior in a Just World
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Human Behavior in a Just World

Reaching for Common Ground
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Rosemary J. Link
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This book is for human service, criminal justice and social work students of human behavior at the 'macro' or large systems level. Due to factors such as the migration of labor, human trafficking, increased rate of international adoptions, spread of infectious diseases, regional natural disasters, social workers now practice in a global context. International issues are infused throughout the text and the variety of case studies take students out of their usual place of work and invites them to stretch for increased global and cultural awareness, plus expanded choice of solutions.
This dynamic text on human behavior takes a unique international perspective to introduce students to the concepts of large social systems and development. Social workers now practice in an increasingly global context for reasons ranging from migration to international adoptions to developments in technology. Understanding these global connections is essential to social workers today.

Human Behavior in a Just World emphasizes the "common human condition" between people, and encourages students to see the powerful connections between environmental conditions and behavior. The authors address key elements of human behavior through a global lens, and discuss powerful global policy instruments and resources, such as the United Nations. Engaging North American and global case studies illustrate the theories in practice.

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Foreword, Frank B. Raymond
Chapter 1: Social Work Practice in a Global Society
Chapter 2: Common Human Condition
Chapter 3: Human Rights and Social and Economic Justice
Chapter 4: Values, International Ethics, and Their Role in Social Work Practice
Chapter 5: Cultural Competence in Local and Global Relationships
Chapter 6: Migration and the Borders That Divide Us
Chapter 7: Planet Earth and Sustainable Life
Chapter 8:Global Visions in Action

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