Defending the Defenseless
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Defending the Defenseless

A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets
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Allie Phillips
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Defending the Defenseless is a practical how-to book on getting involved to protect companion animals. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific area in which all of us can become involved to protect cats, dogs, and other companion animals, and includes practical tips on taking action, from the smallest of tasks, to more involved measures such as making a career of helping animals or launching a large-scale advocacy campaign. This book provides everything you need to know to do more for animal companions.
Do you love cats, dogs and other pets? Do you want to do more to help protect and advocate for these pets, but don't know where to start? Defending the Defenseless is for anyone who wants to join a growing crusade to bring animal protection to its rightful place in a civilized society, to protect animals from harm inflicted by humans, and allow them to live happily in an environment that appreciates their unique qualities. Regardless of career or lifestyle, anyone can become an advocate for pets in a growing movement to defend the defenseless. This book guides readers through the variety of ways they can help companion animals and offers practical tips to get involved, from donating money to volunteering at animal shelters, from opposing animal experimentation to raising children to protect animals. Defending the Defenseless is perfect for anyone who loves animals and is seeking guidance on how to get involved.
Part One
Chapter 1: Animal Welfare and Animal Rights: Where do you Stand?
Chapter 2: Becoming an Animal Advocate: Where to start
Chapter 3: Staying Strong and Resilient: Overcoming Conflict and Compassion Fatigue
Part Two
Chapter 4: Humane Education: Kids helping Animals
Chapter 5: Advocating for Shelter Animals: Ending Outdated and Questionable ShelterPractices
Chapter 6: Models for Thriving Animal Organizations: Saving more Lives through Innovation
Chapter 7: Saving a Life: Transporting Shelter Animals
Chapter 8: Preventing Cruelty and Neglect of Animals
Chapter 9: Protecting Feral Cats
Chapter 10: Animal Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Response, Search and Rescue
Chapter 11: Attorneys Advocating for Animals
Chapter 12: Lobbying for Animals

Chapter 13: Using your Words to Benefit Animals
Chapter 14: Communicating with and Healing Animals
Part Three
Chapter 15: Keeping People and Pets Together: Everyone can Help
Chapter 16: Conclusion: Welcome to the Journey