Friends Forever
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Friends Forever

How Girls and Women Forge Lasting Relationships
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Suzanne Degges-White
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Though a woman's life and the world around them may change, it's the promise of friendship that remains an irreplaceable constant. From their biological and cultural origins to the varied manifestations of social connections, this book explores the deep bonds forged between women. By sharing stories from girls and women throughout their lives, the authors thoughtfully illustrate the roles that contemporary social relationships play at different stages in our lives while offering insights to deeper self-understanding and for finding, establishing, and sustaining relationships at any age.
Through thick and thin and everything along the way, it's through friendships that we understand our lives. In this book, authors Suzanne Degges-White and Christine Borzumato-Gainey not only explore the roles friendships play for girls and women over the course of a life, but offer a guide to finding new friends and enhancing current relationships. Using interviews with hundreds of women, spanning the ages of 4 to 94, Friends Forever provides readers with a contemporary perspective on female friendship. These personal stories, informed by the latest research on friendship, offer a rich and colorful picture that combines a life stage chronology of friendship with a guide for becoming the friend you would like to have while building strong friendships along the way. Readers will learn how to design and sustain their ideal friendscape, the dynamic and often misunderstood realm in which such bonds flourish. The authors thoughtfully examine the biological and cultural drive towards social connections among women and provide self-reflection and self-exploration opportunities that encourage readers to better understand their own roles in relationships and the roles that others in their social landscapes play.
Introduction Friendship Basics

Part I: Why Women Need Friends
1. The Biology of Friendship - to "Tend and Befriend"
2. Friendship in Context: Social Relationships in the USA
3. "Friendology"or the Science of Friendship

Part II: Friendship Chronology
4. Early Childhood: First Friends
5. Adolescent Friendships: Seeking Ourselves in our Friends
6. Emerging Adulthood: Decisions, Decisions
7. Coupled-Up but No Kids Yet
8. Motherhood: Kids on Board
9. The Midlife Years: Re-Connecting with Ourselves & Seeking Companions

10. The Long Road Home: Community and Friendship in Older Adulthood

Part III: Making Friends - Starting with Yourself
11. Understanding Who You Are as a Friend
12. Roadblocks to Friendships

Part IV: Taking a Census of your Circle of Friends
13. Mapping Out Your FriendScape
14. Redesigning Your Social Landscape
15. Finding New Friends

Part V: Strategies for Survival - Building and Maintaining Lasting Friendships
16. Building Strong Friendships from the Beginning
17. Tips to Strengthen Existing Friendships
18. Friendship in the Digital Age: Technology Keeps Us Connected-Sometimes!
19. Full-Time Friend, Part-Time Lover: Making Friends with your Mate
20. Coming Full Circle with a Circle of Friends