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The Inside Story of its Role in the September 11th Aftermath
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Paul J. Lioy
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Despite exhaustive reports about the September 11th attacks at the World Trade Center, no one report examines the dust that poured from the skies as the buildings collapsed in as much personal and technical detail as Lioy offers here. From his own experiences examining and analyzing the dust, to his work with the various agencies involved in the aftermath of the disaster, the author puts together a compelling examination of the dust itself and the agencies, mechanisms, and people in place to deal with it. This completely fresh perspective sheds new light on one of our nation's darkest moments.
One of the first scientists to take samples from Ground Zero after the destruction of the Twin Towers, Lioy shares his personal and professional perspectives on the World Trade Center dust. What was in the material that rained down after the disintegration of these buildings? Why did officials wrongly choose to focus on the release of asbestos? How did the size of the dust particles influence the development of the World Trade Center Cough among rescue workers and other New Yorkers? When were respirators used on site and what changes should be made to respirator design now? Dust answers these, and many other, questions about the environmental effects, public policy initiatives, health outcomes and scientific findings that played a critical role in the aftermath of September 11th. Beyond providing insightful analysis of what happened then, this book details the significant steps we need to take in order to better prepare for future catastrophes.

When Life Changed
Collecting Dust at Ground Zero
Freeing the WTC Dust
Who is in Charge Here?
Timing is Everything
A Scientific Framework
The Presence of Lead (Pb)
What Was in that WTC Dust?
Into the Unknown: Exposure and Health
Talking and Writing: To What End?
WTC Dust Sticks Like Glue
Exposure Science in Future Catastrophes
Final Thoughts
Appendix A: Bibliography
Appendix B: Presentation of the detailed data set on the compounds measured in the WTC Dust Samples
Appendix C: Original Members of the WTC Panel
Appendix D: Comments on the WTC Signature Study and Peer Review