Surviving Your Doctors
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Surviving Your Doctors

Why the Medical System is Dangerous to Your Health and How to Get Through it Alive
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Richard S. Klein
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Every year, 90,000 patients die in our American hospitals due to medical error. The price to individuals, families, and society at large is in the billions, and yet wrongful medical outcomes are often swept under the rug. Patients need to know how to avoid medical blunders from the minute they step foot in their doctor's office or hospital. This book, written from an insider's perspective, walks readers through the potential hazards of healthcare and offers guidance for how to avoid injury or worse.
Surviving Your Doctors, with its in-depth explanations, guidance, and direction will be the basic training manual patients need to work their way through the health care maze. It serves as a map of the medical minefield, told from the perspective of a doctor yet designed to reveal the faults in the system and the things that can and do go wrong during the course of both routine and special procedures and office visits. Filled with real stories of medical mishaps, anecdotes, and checklists, this book will walk readers through major areas of the medical world - from the doctor's office to the pharmacy, from the laboratory to the ER - giving them a clearer picture of how things really work, what health care workers really think, and how to take back control of their health and the care they receive.


Part I: Everday Medical and Health Concerns
Chapter 1. Taking Control of Your Healthcare: Or, the Wisdom of Second and Third Opinions
Chapter 2. Insurance Companies: Organized Crime or Just Bad Policies?
Chapter 3. An Apple A Day: And Other Things to Protect Your Health When Visiting the Doctor's Office
Chapter 4. Does Your Kid Really Need That Shot?: Protecting Your Children in the System
Chapter 5. The Pharmacy and Prescription Drugs: Or Beware, the Spoonful of Sugar That Helps the 'Bad Medicine' Go Down
Chapter 6. Visiting the ER without Feeling Like a Bit Player on a TV Drama

Part II: Major Diseases and Long-Term Issues
Chapter 7. A Real Heart-to-Heart about Cardiac Care
Chapter 8. How to Handle the Big C from A to Z
Chapter 9. Baby Boom or Bust: How to Stroll through Maternity, Neonatal, and Fertiltiy Issues
Chapter 10. You Give Me Fever: Infection and Communicable Diseases
Chapter 11. How to Maintain Some Sanity in the Mental Health System

Part III: The Hospital and Major Procedures
Chapter 12. Hospital Out-Patient Visits and How to Make Sure that You Actually Get Out
Chapter 13. Hosptial Stays: As Dangerous as a War Zone?
Chapter 14. Medical Test and How to Avodi Becomding a Lab Rat
Chapter 15. Major Surgeries: Or, How to Make Sure You Still Have a Leg to Stand on Afterward

Part IV: The Future of Medicine
Chapter 16. A Cure for the Medical System