Growing Up with Your Children
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Growing Up with Your Children

7 Turning Points in the Lives of Parents
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Seamus Carey
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Growing Up with Your Children is a guide to the personal development of parents that is necessary to live fulfilling lives while effectively raising children. Focusing on seven critical turning points, it reveals ways to overcome common pitfalls that often stall a parent's personal growth and diminish relationships with their children. In doing so, it uncovers the inner strength and wisdom that parents already have, but too often suppress, in the midst of meeting the constant demands of parenting life.
Most books aimed at parents focus on the development of children. Yet, good parenting requires the healthy and ongoing personal development of parents along with an adult sense of fulfillment. Growing Up with Your Children: 7 Turning Points in the Lives of Parents offers insight into the turning points that parents go through in the process of their own personal development in the context of family life. By combining engaging short stories from the everyday lives of families with philosophical wisdom passed down from the best thinkers throughout history, Carey offers unique perspectives on overcoming the stubborn obstacles parents face in achieving personal growth. In working through these seven turning points, parents can effectively guide their children while finding joy and fulfillment in their own lives.
Chapter 1 Introduction: Story and Philosophy
Chapter 2 Power

Chapter 3 Advocacy

Chapter 4 Guilt

Chapter 5 Community

Chapter 6 Gratitude

Chapter 7 Forgiveness

Chapter 8 Faith

Chapter 9 Turning Inwards

10 Bibliography

11 Index