Gay Families and the Courts
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Gay Families and the Courts

The Quest for Equal Rights
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Susan Gluck Mezey
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This book makes a unique contribution to the study of gay rights politics by assessing the laws and policies governing the rights of gay children and gay families. The focus of the analysis will be on decision-making by state and lower federal courts_the very courts where the bulk of these questions are likely to be resolved.
Susan Gluck Mezey's newest book, Gay Families and the Courts, is a compelling examination of the role of the state and federal courts in furthering the goals of the gay and lesbian community. Unlike Mezey's earlier book, Queers in Court, this book evaluates the extent to which litigation is effective in advancing equal rights for gay families_families in which at least one member is gay_as they seek to expand their opportunities and battle discrimination. Mezey shows how the courts address gay and lesbian rights and sexual orientation in schools and social organizations such as the Boy Scouts along with family-oriented problems such as marriage and parenthood. In doing so, Mezey emphasizes the complexity of the issues involved in the cases, and assesses the degree to which the outcome of the litigation is explained by the type of case, the type of court, and the judge's perception of his or her role as a policymaker. It is a valuable reference for scholars interested in judicial, legislative, and executive policymaking at the federal and state level as well as anyone interested in LGBT politics.
Chapter 1 Dedication
Chapter 2 Acknowledgments

Chapter 3 Introduction

Chapter 4 Chapter 1: Parenting

Chapter 5 Chapter 2: The Right to Marry: Part 1

Chapter 6 Chapter 3: The Right to Marry: Part 2

Chapter 7 Chapter 4: The School Setting

Chapter 8 Chapter 5: The Boy Scouts

Chapter 9 Conclusion

Chapter 10 Cases

Chapter 11 References

Chapter 12 Index