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Information Systems Development

Asian Experiences
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William Wei Song
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Information Systems Development (ISD) progresses rapidly, continually creating new challenges for the professionals involved. New concepts, approaches and techniques of systems development emerge constantly in this field. Progress in ISD comes from research as well as from practice.

This conference will discuss issues pertaining to information systems development (ISD) in the inter-networked digital economy. Participants will include researchers, both experienced and novice, from industry and academia, as well as students and practitioners. Themes will include methods and approaches for ISD; ISD education; philosophical, ethical, and sociological aspects of ISD; as well as specialized tracks such as: distributed software development, ISD and knowledge management, ISD and electronic business / electronic government, ISD in public sector organizations, IOS.

Part 1 Enterprise Systems – A Challenge for Future Research and Improved Practice.- CbSSDF and OWL-S, A Scenario Based Solution Analysis and Comparison.- Enterprise Systems in a Service Science Context.- A Petri Net-based Software Process Model for Developing Process-Oriented Information Systems.- Modern Enterprise Systems as Enablers of Agile Development.- Patterns-based IS Change Management in SMEs.- Applying Use Cases to Describe the Role of Standards in E-Health Information Systems.- Discussion on Development Trend of Chinese Enterprises Information System.- Asymmetrical Effects of Using Positive and Negative Examples on Object Modeling.- Part 2 IS/IT Project Management.- A Social Contract for University-Industry Collaboration: a Case of Project-Based Learning Environment.- Replacement of the Project Manager Reflected through Activity Theory and Work System Theory.- Integrating Environmental and Information Systems Management: an Enterprise Architecture Approach.- Effective Monitoring and Control of Outsourced Software Development Projects.- Classification of Software Projects' Complexity.- Application of Project Portfolio Management.- Part 3 Human-Computer Interaction and Knowledge Management.- Towards a Cost-effective Evaluation Approach for Web Portal Interfaces.- IT Knowledge Requirements Identification in Organizational Networks: Cooperation between Industrial Organizations and Universities.- A knowledge Tree model and Its Application for Continuous Management Improvement.- On the Development of a User-defined Quality Measurement Tool for XML Documents.- The Paradox of “Structured” Methods for Software Requirements Management: A Case Study of an E-Government Development Project.- The Research for Knowledge Management System of Virtual Enterprise Based on Multi-Agent.- Part 4 Model-Driven Engineering in ISD.- Problem-Solving Methods in Agent- Oriented Software Engineering.- MORPHEUS: A Supporting Tool for MDD.- Towards a Model-Driven Approach to Information System Evolution.- Open Design Architecture for Round Trip Engineering.- Quality Issues on Model-Driven Web Engineering Methodologies.- Measuring the quality of Model-Driven projects with NDT-Quality.- Aligning Business Motivations in a Services Computing Design.- Part 5 Information Systems for Service Marketing and e-Businesses.- CRank: A Credit Assessment Model in C2C E-Commerce.- Towards Agent Oriented Approach to a Call Management System.- Design and Research on E-business Platform Based on Agent.- Research of B2B E-business Application & Development Technology Based on SOA.- Dynamic Inventory Management with Demand Information Updating.- Analysis of Market Opportunities for Chinese Private Express Delivery Industry.- Part 6 Development of Information Systems for Creativity and Innovation.- Explaining Change Paths of Systems and Software Development Practices.- Designing a Study for Evaluating User Feedback on Predesign Models.- Study on the Method of the Technology Forecasting Based on Conjoint Analysis.- Towards a Concept for Supporting Needy Children in Developing Countries.- An Investigation of Agility Issues in Scrum Teams Using Agility Indicators.- The Influence of Short Project Timeframes on Web Development Practices: A Field Study.- On Weights Determination in Ideal Point Multi-attribute Decision-making Mode.- Part 7 Information Systems Engineering & Management.- An Approach for Prioritizing Agile Practices for Adaptation.- Effects of Early User-testing on Software Quality - Experiences from a Case Study.- Development of Watch Schedule Using Rules Approach.- Priority Based Constraint Management in Software Process Instantiation.- Adopting Quality Assurance Technology in Customer-vendor Relationships: A Case Study of How Interorganizational Relationships Influence the Process.- A Framework for Decomposition and Analysis of Agile Methodologies During their Adaptation.- The Methodology Evaluation System can Support Software Process Innovation