Principles of Solidification
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Principles of Solidification

An Introduction to Modern Casting and Crystal Growth Concepts
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Martin Glicksman
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Martin E. Glicksman is a professor in the University of Florida's Materials Science & Engineering Department. Dr. Glicksman has co-authored over 300 technical papers and monographs and authored one book on diffusion in solids. He has held visiting professorships at various universities in the US, Germany, Spain, and Israel. Professor Glicksman is a Fellow of the Metallurgical Society (TMS), ASM International, AAAS, and the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He is a member of the American Physical Society (APS). For his research accomplishments on the solidification of metals Professor Glicksman received the Stanley P. Rockwell medal, the Kent van Horn Award, ASM's Marcus Grossman Award, the TMS Bruce Chalmers Medal, ASM's International Gold Medal, and the Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Prize for 2002.
"Principles of Solidification" offers comprehensive descriptions of liquid-to-solid transitions encountered in shaped casting, welding, and non-biological bulk crystal growth processes. The book logically develops through careful presentation of relevant thermodynamic and kinetic theories and models of solidification occurring in a variety of materials. Major topics encompass the liquid-state, liquid-solid transformations, chemical macro- and microsegregation, purification by fractional crystallization and zone refining, solid-liquid interfaces, polyphase freezing, and rapid solidification processing. Solid-liquid interfaces are discussed quantitatively both as sharp and diffuse entities, with supporting differential geometric descriptions. The book offers:- Detailed mathematical examples throughout to guide readers- Applications of solidification and crystal growth methodologies for preparation and purification of metals, ceramics, polymers and semiconductors- Appendices providing supporting information on special topics covered in the chapters.Readers in materials, metallurgical, chemical, and mechanical engineering will find this to be a useful source on the subjects of solidification and crystal growth. Chemists, physicists, and geologists concerned with melting/freezing phenomena will also find much of value in this book.
Detailed mathematical steps are included throughout the book to guide readers
Part I Introductory Aspects.- Crystals & Melts.- Thermodynamics of Crystal-Melt Phase Change.- Thermal Concepts in Solidification.- Solidification of Pure Materials.- Part II Macrosegregation.- Solute Mass Balances: Macrosegregation.- Plane-Front Solidication.- Composition Control.- Part III Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Capillarity, Stability, Nucleation.- Crystal-Molt Interfaces.- Constitutional Supercooling.- Linear Morphological Stability.- Non-Linear Stability Models.- Nucleation Catalysis.- Part IV Microstructure Evolution.- Dendritic Growth.- Microsegregation.- Interface Structures and Kinetics.- Polyphase Solidification.- Rapid Solidification Processing.