Canadian Semantic Web
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Canadian Semantic Web

Technologies and Applications
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The emergence of Web technologies for the distribution of an immense amount of data and knowledge has given rise to the need for supportive frameworks for kno- edge management. Semantic Web technologies aim at providing shared semantic spaces for Web contents, such that people, applications and communities can use a common platform to share information. Canadian Semantic Web: Technologies and Applications aims at contributing to the advancement of the Semantic Web by providing the most recent signi?cant - search on Semantic Web theory, techniques and applications in academia, industry and government in Canada and all over the world. It also enlightens possible - mantic Web research directions in future by reporting some works in-progress that presenton-goingresearchonprinciplesandapplicationsoftheSemanticWeb,while their implementation or deployment may have not been completed. This book consists of ten chapters. The chapters are extended versions of a - lected set of papers from the second Canadian Semantic Web Working Symposium (CSWWS 2009) and the twenty-?rst international Conference on Software En- neering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2009). CSWWS 2009 was held in Kelowna, British Columbia in May 2009. Since many of the challenging aspects of the research problems tackled in the Semantic Web area fall in the realm of Ar- ?cial Intelligence or employ of AI techniques, CSWWS 2009 was organized in - nd sociation with the 22 Canadian Conference on Arti?cial Intelligence.
Introduces the most recent advanced working theories, prototypes and applications
Incremental Query Rewriting with Resolution.- Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Norm-Parameterized Fuzzy Description Logics.- A Generic Evaluation Model for Semantic Web Services.- A Modular Approach to Scalable Ontology Development.- Corporate Semantic Web: Towards the Deployment of Semantic Technologies in Enterprises.- Semantic Service Matchmaking in the ATM Domain Considering Infrastructure Capability Constraints.- Developing Knowledge Representation in Emergency Medical Assistance by Using Semantic Web Techniques.- Semantically Enriching the Search System of a Music Digital Library.- Application of an Intelligent System Framework and the Semantic Web for the CO2 Capture Process.- Information Pre-Processing using Domain Meta-Ontology and Rule Learning System.