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Galaxies and their Masks

A Conference in Honour of K.C. Freeman, FRS
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David L. Block
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Stars are Small Dark-Coloured Things That Live in Holes in the Ground.- Shrouds of the Night – Galaxies and René Magritte.- Twin Masks of Spiral Structure? A Local Perspective.- The Mask of Complexity in Disk Galaxies.- Cosmic Magnetic Fields – An Overview.- The Gaseous Halo Mask.- Molecular Gas Properties of Galaxies: The SMA CO(2-1) B0DEGA Legacy Project.- The DiVA’s Mask: Iconifying Galaxies and Revealing HI Anomalies.- Enigmatic Masks of Cosmic Dust: Lessons from Nearby Galaxies Through the Eyes of the Spitzer Space Telescope.- The Large Magellanic Cloud: A Power Spectral Analysis of Spitzer Images.- Light Cores Behind Dark Masks.- Globalization, Open Access Publishing, and the Disappearance of Print: Threat or Opportunity?.- Super Star Clusters and Supernovae in Interacting LIRGs Unmasked by NIR Adaptive Optics.- Structure, Mass, and Stability of Galactic Disks.- What Can the Radial Surface Brightness Profiles of Galaxy Discs Tell Us About Their Evolution?.- The Complex Interplay of Dust and Star Light in Spiral Galaxy Discs.- Galaxy Morphology Revealed By SDSS: Blue Elliptical Galaxies.- Rings and Bars: Unmasking Secular Evolution of Galaxies.- Bars and Bulges Through Masks of Time.- Tidal Trails and Mass-Segregated Isothermal Clusters.- Stellar Debris Streams: New Probes of Galactic Structure and Formation.- Chemical Enrichment in Galaxies: Constraints on Nucleogenesis and Galaxy Evolution.- Chemodynamical Simulations of Galaxies.- Elemental Abundance Patterns of Disk Substructure.- Searching for Structures and Streams in the Extended Solar Neighbourhood with RAVE.- On the Age–Metallicity–Velocity Relation in the Nearby Disk Using the RAVE Survey.- The HERMES Project: Reconstructing Galaxy Formation.- Stellar Halos: Unmasking a Galaxy’s History.- The Outer Halos of Elliptical Galaxies.- Galaxies: Lighthouses in the Shoals of Dark Halos.- Dark Haloes as Seen with Gravitational Lensing.- Behind the Mask: Resolving the Core–Cusp Problem in Spiral Galaxies.- A GALAXY BASELINE: Multiwavelength Study of a Sample of the Most Isolated Galaxies in the Local Universe.- Diffuse Light and Galaxy Interactions in the Core of Nearby Clusters.- Feedback in Star and Galaxy Formation.- When Bad Masks Turn Good.- Spitzer’s View of Galaxies in the High-Redshift Universe.- Bandshifting and Other Masks of the Clumpy Populations in High-Redshift Galaxies.- Supernovae, Dust, and Cosmology.