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The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

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Arthur N. Popper
730, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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The Second International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life will take place in Ireland August 15-20, 2010. The main emphasis of the conference will be on defining the current state of knowledge. However, we will also assess progress in the three years since the First conference. The Second conference will place strong emphasis on recent research results, the sharing of ideas, discussion of experimental approaches, and analysis of regulatory issues.


Noise and Marine Life: Progress From Nyborg to Cork in Science and Technology to Inform Decision Making

Brandon L. Southall


Listening Backward – Early Days of Marine Bioacoustics

William N. Tavolga

Section 2 – Sound Detection by Aquatic Animals


Effects of Underwater Noise on Marine Mammals

Christine Erbe


Psychophysical Studies of Auditory Masking in Marine Mammals: Key Concepts and New Directions

Colleen Reichmuth


On the Relationship Between Environmental Noise, Critical Ratios, and Comodulation Masking Release in the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Brian K. Branstetter, Jennifer S. Trickey, and James J. Finneran


Direct Measurements of Subjective Loudness in a Bottlenose Dolphin

Carolyn E. Schlundt and James J. Finneran


High Auditory Time Resolution in Bottlenose Dolphins Is Effective Protection Against Reverberation

Gennadi Zaslavski


Frequency Selectivity in the Bottlenose Dolphin Auditory System

Gennadi Zaslavski


Auditory Brain Stem Responses Associated with Echolocation in an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Songhai Li, Paul E. Nachtigall, and Marlee Breese


Hearing, Noise, and Echolocating Odontocetes

Paul E.Nachtigall, Alexander Y. Supin,  and Marlee Breese


Evoked Potential Audiometry in Aquatic Mammals

Alexander Y. Supin


Prediction of a Mysticete Audiogram via Finite Element Analysis of the Middle Ear

Andrew Tubelli, Aleks Zosuls, Darlene Ketten, and David C. Mountain


Reverse Engineering the Cetacean Ear to Extract Audiograms

Aleks Zosuls, Seth O. Newburg, Darlene R. Ketten, and David C. Mountain


Validation of a Vibroacoustic Finite Element Model Using Bottlenose Dolphin Experiments

Petr Krysl, Vanessa Trijoulet, and Ted W. Cranford


Acoustic Function in the Peripheral Auditory System of Cuvier’s Beaked Whale (Ziphius cavirostris)

Ted W. Cranford and Petr Krysl


Auditory Evoked Potential Measurement of Hearing Sensitivity in Pinnipeds

Jason Mulsow, Colleen Reichmuth, Dorian Houser, and James J. Finneran


Hearing in Birds: What Changes From Air to Water

Robert J. Dooling and Sara C. Therrien


Amphibious Hearing in Sea Turtles

Wendy E. Dow Piniak, David A. Mann, Scott A. Eckert, and Craig A. Harms


Hearing Capabilities of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) Throughout Ontogeny

Ashley L. Lavender, Soraya M. Bartol, and Ian K. Bartol


Are Sharks Even Bothered by a Noisy Environment?

Brandon M. Casper, Michele B. Halvorsen, and Arthur N. Popper


Optimal Auditory Sensitivity Under Variable Background Noise Conditions: A Theoretical Model

Marco Lugli


A Critical Reevaluation of the Role of Acoustic Pressure in Source Localization by Fish

Peter H. Rogers, James S. Martin, and John R. Bogle


Vibration of the Otoliths in a Teleost

Carl R. Schilt, Ted W. Cranford, Petr Krysl, Robert E. Shadwick, and Anthony D. Hawkins


Hearing Sensitivity of the Painted Goby, Pomatoschistus pictus

Marta Bolgan, Silvia S. Pedroso, Raquel O. Vasconcelos, Joana M. Jordão, M. Clara P. Amorim, and Paulo J. Fonseca


Acoustic Communication in Pomatoschistus spp.: A Comparison Between Closely Related Species

Silvia S. Pedroso, Marta Bolgan, Joana M. Jordão, Paulo J. Fonseca, and M. Clara P. Amorim


The Importance of Hearing for Survival of Danio rerio (Zebrafish) in an Experimental Predator/Prey Environment

Rikke Agner Jørgensen, Christian Brandt, Magnus Wahlberg, and Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard


Lateral Line Canal Morphology and Noise Reduction

Adrian T. Klein and Horst Bleckmann


Potential for Sound Sensitivity in Cephalopods

T. Aran Mooney, Roger Hanlon, Peter T. Madsen, Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, Darlene R. Ketten, and Paul E. Nachtigall


Listening in Noise

Richard R. Fay


Discovery of Sound in the Sea: An On-line Resource

Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, Gail Scowcroft, James H. Miller, and Darlene Ketten

Section 3 - Sound Production by Aquatic Animals


Whistles of Bottlenose Dolphins: Group Repertoires and Geographic Variations in Brazilian Waters

Lisa S. Hoffmann, Elton Ferlin, Pedro F. Fruet, Rodrigo C. Genovês, Fernanda P. Valdez, Juliana Di Tullio, Glauco Caon, and Thales R. Freitas


Detection and Classification of Vocalizations for the Study of Marine Mammal Distributions in the Chukchi Sea

David Hannay


Acoustic Ecology and Behavior of Minke Whales in the Hawaiian and Marianas Islands: Localization, Abundance Estimation and Characterization of Minke Whale ”Boings”

Thomas Norris, Stephen Martin, Len Thomas, Tina Yack, Julie N. Oswald, Eva-Marie Nosal, and Vincent Janik


What You See Is Not What You Hear: The Relationship Between Odontocete Echolocation Click Production and Hearing

Laura N. Kloepper, Paul E. Nachtigall, and Marlee Breese


Sound Production and Reception in Southern Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris nereis)

Asila Ghoul and Colleen Reichmuth


Nocturnal Acoustic Activity in the Shallow Waters of the WWF-Miramare Natural Marine Reserve (Trieste, Italy)

Antonio Codarin, Marta Picciulin, Linda Sebastianutto, Giuliana Calcagno, Maurizio Spoto, and Enrico A. Ferrero


Acoustic Ecology of the California Mantis Shrimp (Hemisquilla californiensis)

Erica R. Staaterman, Christopher W. Clark, Austin J. Gallagher, Thomas Claverie, Maya S. deVries, and Sheila N. Patek


Influence of Turbidity on the Incidence of Sound Production in Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina

Cecilia S. Krahforst, John P. Walsh, Mark W. Sprague, Devon O. Eulie, D. Reide Corbett, and Joseph J. Luczkovich


Propagation of Lusitanian Toadfish Sounds in Estuarine Shallow Waters

Andreia Ramos, M. Clara P. Amorim, and Paulo J. Fonseca


Sound Production in Some Physostomous Fish Species and Effects of Biological Sounds on Fish

Michail Y. Kuznetsov and Yury A. Kuznetsov


Is Biological Sound Production Important in the Deep Sea?

Rodney A. Rountree, Francis Juanes, Clifford A. Goudey, and Kenneth E. Ekstrom


Unusual and Unexpected Biological Noisemakers in the Irish Sea and St. George’s Channel

Rodney Coates, Gillian A. Coates, Rachel Porter, Andrew Davies, and Dylan Evans

Section 4 - Physiological Effects of Sounds


Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: From Animal Models to Human Trials

Colleen G. Le Prell


Auditory Effects of Underwater Noise in Odontocetes

James J. Finneran


Implementation of Acoustic Dosimeters With Recoverable Month-Long GPS/TDR Tags to Interpret Controlled-Exposure Experiments for Large Whales

Bruce R. Mate


Marine Mammal Auditory System Noise Impacts:  Evidence and Incidence

Darlene R. Ketten


Effect of Broadband Sounds on the Auditory Evoked Potential Thresholds in the Beluga Whale

Vladimir V. Popov and Alexander Y. Supin


The ESME Workbench: Simulating the Impact of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammals

David C. Mountain, David Anderson, Andrew Brughera, Matthew Cross, Dorian S. Houser, Nael Musleh, Michael Porter, and Martin Siderius


Using EarLab to Study Masking Due to Anthropogenic Sound

David C. Mountain, David Anderson, and Andrew Brughera


Portable Auditory Evoked Potential System to Assess Odontocete Hearing

Aude F. Pacini, Paul E. Nachtigall, and Laura N. Kloepper


Barotrauma in Fish and Barotrauma Metrics

Thomas J. Carlson


Assessment of Barotrauma Injury and Cumulative Sound Exposure Level on Salmon After Exposure to Impulsive Sound

Michele B. Halvorsen, Brandon M. Casper, Thomas J. Carlson, Christa M. Woodley, and Arthur N. Popper


Shipboard Assessment of Hearing Sensitivity of Tropical Fishes Immediately After Exposure to Seismic Air Gun Emissions at Scott Reef

Mardi C. Hastings and Jennifer Miksis-Olds


A Lack of Correlation Between Air Gun Signal Pressure Waveforms and Fish Hearing Damage

Robert D. McCauley and Chandra Salgado Kent


Effects of Short- and Long-Term Exposure to Boat Noise on Cortisol Levels in Juvenile Fish

Ilaria Spiga, Joe Fox, and Robert Benson


Potential Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Boat Noise on the Growth, Survival, and Nutrient Retention in Juvenile Fish

Ilaria Spiga, Joe Fox, and Robert Benson


Predicting Hearing Loss in Fishes

Michael E. Smith


Effects of Pile-Driving Noise on Oncorhynchus mykiss (Steelhead Trout)

Richard Oestman and Christopher J. Earle

Section 5 - Anthropogenic Sounds and Behavior


Controlled Exposure Study of Dolphins and Sea Lions to Midfrequency Sonarlike Signals

Dorian Houser, Laura Yeates, Daniel Crocker, Stephen W. Martin, and James J. Finneran


A Direct Comparison of Bottlenose Dolphin and Common Dolphin Behavior During Seismic Surveys When Air Guns Are and Are Not Being Utilized

Sarah B. Barry, Anna C. Cucknell, and Nicola Clark


Behavioral Reactions of Harbor Porpoise to Pile-Driving Noise

Jakob Tougaard, Line A. Kyhn, Mats Amundin, Daniel Wennerberg, and Carolina Bordin


Effects of Offshore Pile Driving on Harbor Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena)

Miriam J. Brandt, Ansgar Diederichs, Klaus Betke, and Georg Nehls


Evaluating the Effects of Offshore Pile Driving on Phocoena phocoena (Harbor Porpoise) by Using Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Klaus Lucke, Michael Dähne, Sven Adler, Anja Brandecker, Kathrin Krügel, Janne K. Sundermeyer, and Ursula Siebert


Effects of Underwater Explosions on Presence and Habitat Use of Harbor Porpoises in the German Baltic Sea

Janne K. Sundermeyer, Klaus Lucke, Michael Dähne, Anja Gallus, Kathrin Krügel, and Ursula Siebert


Behavioral-Response Studies: Problems With Statistical Power

Rebecca A. Dunlop, Michael J. Noad, and Douglas H. Cato


Detection and Tracking of Whales Using a Shipborne, 360° Thermal-Imaging System

Elke Burkhardt, Lars Kindermann, Daniel Zitterbart, and Olaf Boebel


Distribution of Bowhead Whale Calls Near an Oil Production Island With Fluctuating Underwater Sound

W. John Richardson, Trent L. McDonald, Charles R. Greene, Jr., Susanna B. Blackwell, and Bill Streever


Assessment of the Effect of Natural and Anthropogenic Aquatic Noise on Vaquita (Phocoena sinus) Through a Numerical Simulation

Giovanni Castellazzi, Petr Krysl, Lorenzo Rojas, and Ted W. Cranford


Impacts of Anthropogenic Sounds on Phocoena phocoena (Harbor Porpoise)

Ronald Kastelein and Nancy Jennings


Changes in Vocal Behavior of North Atlantic Right Whales in Increased Noise

Susan E. Parks, Mack P. Johnson, Douglas P. Nowacek, and Peter L. Tyack


Acoustic Compensation to Shipping and Air Gun Noise by Mediterranean Fin Whales (Balaenoptera physalus)

Manuel Castellote, Christopher W. Clark, and Marc O. Lammers


Long–Term Monitoring of Anthropogenic Noise and Its Relationship to Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Distribution in the Cres–Lošinj Archipelago, Northern Adriatic, Croatia

Nikolina Rako, Marta Picciulin, Peter Mackelworth, Draško Holcer, and Caterina Maria Fortuna


Does Vessel Noise Affect the Use of Sound by Foraging Orcinus orca (Killer Whales)?

Marla M. Holt, Dawn P. Noren, and Candice K. Emmons


Do Silent Ships See More Fish? Comparison of a Noise-Reduced and a Conventional Research Vessel in Alaska

Alex De Robertis, Christopher D. Wilson, and Neal J. Williamson


Behavioral Observations of Baleen Whales in Proximity of a Modern Fishing Vessel

Matteo Bernasconi, Ruben Patel, and Leif Nøttestad


Assessing Effects of an Acoustic Marine Geophysical Survey on the Locomotive Behavior of Bottlenose Dolphins, Tursiops truncatus

Sylvia E. van der Woude


Acoustic Monitoring of Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in Cook Inlet, Alaska

Marc O. Lammers, Robert Small, Shannon Atkinson, Manuel Castellote, Justin Jenniges, Anne Rosinski, Sue Moore, Chris Garner, and Whitlow W. L. Au


Soundscape of a Nearshore Coral Reef Near an Urban Center

Whitlow W. L. Au, Michael Richlen, and Marc O. Lammers


Gap Durations in Ambient Noise Impact the Communication Range of Harp Seals: A Pilot Study

John M. Terhune


Importance of Underwater Sounds for Migration of Fish and Aquatic Mammals

Ilse van Opzeeland and Hans Slabbekoorn


Behavioral Responses of Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin terrapin) to Recreational Boat Sounds

Lori A. Lester, Edward A. Standora, Walter F. Bien, and Harold W. Avery


Peter A. Cott, David A. Mann, Dennis M. Higgs, Tom A. Johnston, and John M. Gunn


Impacts of River-Based Air Gun Seismic Activity on Northern Fishes

Peter A. Cott, Arthur N. Popper, David A. Mann, John K. Jorgenson, and Bruce W. Hanna


Effects of Underwater Noise on Larval settlement

Jenni A. Stanley, Craig A. Radford, and Andrew G. Jeffs


Does Vessel Noise Change the Calling Rate and Intensity of Soniferous Fishes?

Joseph J. Luczkovich, Cecilia S. Krahforst, and Mark W. Sprague


Behavioral Responses of Captive Herring to Sonar Signals (1-1.6 kHz) of a Naval Frigate Throughout a Yearly Cycle

Lise Doksæter, Petter H. Kvadsheim, Nils O. Handegard, Nina Nordlund, and Olav R. Godø


Acoustic Tagging: A Suitable Method for the Study of Natural Herring Behavior Around Spawning?

Lise Langård, Arne Johannessen, Anders Fernö, Leif Nøttestad, Georg Skaret, Aril Slotte, Jostein Røttingen, and Jan T. Øvredal


The Effects of Pile Driving on the Behavior of Cod and Sole

Frank Thomsen, Christina Mueller-Blenkle, Andrew Gill, Julian Metcalfe, Peter K. McGregor, Victoria Bendall,  Mathias H. Andersson, Peter Sigray, and Daniel Wood


A Novel Field Study Setup to Investigate the Behavior of Fish Related to Sound

Christina Mueller-Blenkle, Andrew B. Gill, Peter K. McGregor, Mathais H. Andersson, Peter Sigray, Victoria Bendall, Julian Metcalfe, and Frank Thomsen


Do Ocean-Based Wind Farms Alter the Migration Pattern in the Endangered European Silver Eel (Anguilla anguilla) Due to Noise Disturbance?

Mathias H. Andersson, Ingvar Lagenfelt, and Peter Sigray


Effects of Vessel Engine Noise on the Acoustic Signaling Behavior of Dascyllus albisella (Hawaiian Damselfish)

Pollyanna I. Fisher-Pool, Marc O. Lammers, and Lisa M. Munger


Distribution and Potential Impact of Boat Noise on Fish Sound Production From an Autonomous Acoustic Array in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Carrie C. Wall, Peter Simard, and David A. Mann


Cichlid Courtship Acoustics: Signals and Noise Influence Reproductive Behavior

Hans Slabbekoorn, Machteld Verzijden, and Christina May


Using Catch Statistics to Investigate effects of Seismic Activity on Fish Catch Rates

Aud Vold, Sven Løkkeborg, and Maria M. Tenningen


Effects of Sounds From Seismic Air Guns on Fish Behavior and Catch Rates

Svein Løkkeborg, Egil Ona, Aud Vold, and Are Salthaug

Section 6 – Population Effects


A Bioenergetics Approach to Developing a Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance Model

Daniel P. Costa


Energetic Cost of Behaviors Performed in Response to Vessel Disturbance: One Link in the Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance Model

Dawn P. Noren, Robin C. Dunkin, Terri M. Williams, and Marla M. Holt

Section 7 - Anthropogenic Sound Sources and Their Measurement


A Common Sense Approach to Source Metrics

William T. Ellison and Adam S. Frankel


Underwater Sounds from Unattenuated and Attenuated Marine Pile Driving

James Reyff


What is the Source Level of Pile-Driving Noise in Water?

Michael A. Ainslie, Christ A. F. de Jong, Stephen P. Robinson, and Paul A. Lepper


Ground Roll Waves as a Potential Influence on Fish: Measurement and Analysis Techniques

Richard A. Hazelwood


Assessment of Cumulative Sound Exposure Levels for Marine Piling Events

Paul A. Lepper, Stephen P. Robinson, Michael A. Ainslie, Pete D. Theobald, and Christ A. F. de Jong


Modeling the Propagation of Transient Sounds in Very Shallow Water Using Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Calculations

Mark W. Sprague and Joseph J. Luczkovich


Proximate Measurements of Acoustic Emissions Associated with the Installation and Operation of an Exploration Jack-up Drilling Rig in the North Sea

Victoria L. G. Todd and Paul R. White


Measurement of Underwater Noise Arising From Marine Aggregate Operations

Stephen P. Robinson, Pete D. Theobald, Paul A. Lepper, Gary Hayman, Victor F. Humphrey, Lian-Sheng Wang, and Samantha Mumford


Svein Vaage Broadband Air Gun Study

Anders Mattsson, Gregg Parkes, and David Hedgeland



Cetacean Hearing-Damage Zones Around a Seismic Source

Robert Laws


Modeling Cumulative Sound Exposure Over Large Areas, Multiple Sources, and Long Durations

Christine Erbe


Sound Recording Systems for Measuring Sound Levels During Seismic Surveys

Jan Tore Øvredal and Bjorn Totland


First Description of the Sound Pressure and Particle Velocity Components of the Ambient Noise and Boat Noise Recorded at the WWF-Miramare Natural Marine Reserve, Trieste, Italy

Angelo Farina, Adriano Farina, Enrico Armelloni, Linda Sebastianutto, Carlo Franzosini, and Marta Picciulin


Underwater Particle Acceleration Induced by a Wind Turbine in the Baltic Sea

Peter Sigray and Mathias H. Andersson


Is the Ocean Really Getting Louder?

Michael Stocker, Tom Reuterdahl

Section 8 - Science, Regulation and Sound Exposure Criteria


The Complexity of Noise Impact Assessments: From Birdsong to Fish Behavior

Hans Slabbekoorn


Extrapolating Beyond Chinchillas: Behavioral Response Ambiguity Through the Lens of Variable Human Responses to Moderate Wind Farm Noise

Jim Cummings


Underwater Noise Effects From Wave Energy Devices on Marine Mammals: A Possible Approach

Sofia Patricio


Physical Biologists and Biological Physicists: Combining Biology and Physics in Research on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

Douglas H. Cato


“So, Am I Correct in My Understanding That a Decibel Is the Same as a Hertz?”: The Quest for Informed, Objective Environmental Impact Analysis of Marine Anthropogenic Noise

John F. Polglaze


Environmental Assessment of Offshore Wind Power Generation: Effect on a Noise Budget

James H. Miller, Gopu R. Potty, Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, David Casagrande, Lisa A. Miller, Jeffrey A. Nystuen, Peter M. Scheifele, and John G. Clark


Development and Implementation of Criteria for Exposure of Western Gray Whales to Oil and Gas Industry Noise

Douglas P. Nowacek, Alexander Vedenev, Brandon L. Southall, and Roberto Racca


Strategic Assessment of the Risk Posed to Marine Mammals by the Use of Air Guns in the Antarctic: Concepts, Methods, Results, and Controversies

Olaf Boebel, Monika Breitzke, Elke Burkhardt, and Horst Bornemann


Establishing a Safety Zone for Marine Mammals due to Underwater Blasting

Norm Broner and Mike Huber


The Marine Mammal Protection Act: A Regulatory Approach to Identifying and Minimizing Acoustic-Related Impacts on Marine Mammals

Jaclyn N. Daly and Jolie Harrison


Noise-Related Stress and Cumulative Impact Assessment

Andrew J. Wright


Interim Criteria for Injury to Fish From Pile-Driving Activities: Recent Experiences

Richard Rodkin, Keith Pommerenck, and James Reyff


Marine Mammal Acoustics Exposure Analysis Models Used in US Navy Environmental Impact Statements

Douglas Wartzok, Christine Erbe, Wayne M. Getz, and Jeanette Thomas


Status of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Guidelines for Assessing Impacts of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammals

Amy R. Scholik-Schlomer


Regulatory Assessments of the Effects of Noise: Moving From Threshold Shift and Injury to Behavior

Craig E. Johnson


United States Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement: Filling Data Gaps to Better Understand the Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Life

Jill Lewandowski, Elizabeth Burkhard, Kimberly Skrupky, and Deborah Epperson


Regulation of Sound in the Ocean: Recent and Future Possible Changes

Mark L. Tasker


Marine Bioacoustics and the Regulation of Fisheries

Yury A. Kuznetsov, Lev N. Bocharov, Valeriy N. Akulin, and Michail Y. Kuznetsov


Update From the OEER Association on Research Findings Associated With the Assessment of the Impacts of Seismic Exploration on Marine Invertebrates

Jennifer M. Matthews


Managing Underwater Noise in European Waters: Implementing the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Mark Tasker, Mats Amundin, Michel Andre, Anthony D. Hawkins, William Lang, Thomas Merck, Amy Scholik-Schlomer, Jonas Teilmann, Frank Thomsen, Stefanie Werner, and Manell Zakharia

Section 9 - Monitoring, Management and Mitigation


Acoustic-Based Cetacean Detection in Irish Waters

Eugene McKeown


Real-Time Monitoring of Noise in Cetacean Acoustic Niches 

Michel André, Mike van der Schaar, Serge Zaugg, Ludwig Houégnigan, Antonio Sánchez, Alex Mas, and Joan V. Castell


What Does Ecosystem Acoustics Reveal About Marine Mammals in the Bering Sea?

Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, Jeffrey A. Nystuen, and Susan E. Parks


Ship Traffic Noise Distribution in the Strait of Gibraltar: An Exemplary Case for Monitoring Global Ocean Noise With Real-Time Technology Now Available for Understanding the Effects of Noise on Marine Life

Thomas Folegot


Are There Technological Alternatives to Air Guns for Oil and Gas Exploration to Reduce Potential Noise Impacts on Cetaceans?

Linda Weilgart


Modeling Cumulative Sound Exposure Along a Seismic Line to Assess the Risk of Seismic Research Surveys on Marine Mammals in the Antarctic Treaty Area

Monika Breitzke and Thomas Bohlen


North Atlantic Treaty Organization Marine Mammal Risk Mitigation Principles and Guidelines

Kendra L. Ryan and Stephane Jespers


Mitigating Impacts of Underwater Noise From Dredging on Beluga Whales in Cook Inlet, Alaska

Christopher A. Hoffman


Exploration and Production Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Programme: Research Progress and Applications

Jennifer L. Michael, John Campbell, David Hedgeland, Michael Jenkerson, H. Rodger Melton, Lori Notor, Russell D. Tait, Sarah L. Tsoflias, and Gary Wolinsky


Managing Anthropogenic Underwater Noise in the Northwest Territories, Canada  

Bruce W. Hanna, Peter A. Cott, Amanda A. Joynt, and Lois Harwood


SIRENA '10 – Beyond the Mediterranean

Jeffery Haun, Kendra Ryan, Arnold B-Nagy


Planning is Critical to Ensure Effective Mitigation of Naval Activities

Sarah J. Dolman


Standardizing Protected Species Observer Requirements in the United States

Kyle Baker, Deborah Epperson, Howard Goldstein, Kimberly Skrupky, Brad Smith, Gregg Gitschlag, Jill Lewandowski, and Teresa Turk


Using Passive Acoustics to Monitor the Presence of Marine Mammals During Naval Exercises

Anurag Kumar,  Jene Nissen, Joel Bell, and Mandy Shoemaker


Development of a National Database and Standards for Protected Species Observer Data in the United States of America

Howard Goldstein, Deborah Epperson, Kyle Baker, Kimberly Skrupky, Brad Smith, Gregg Gitschlag, J Lewandowski, and Teresa Turk


Coordinated Management of Anthropogenic Noise From Offshore Construction off Sakhalin Island for Protection of the Western Gray Whale

Roberto Racca

Section 10 – Workshops and Concluding Remarks


Workshop 1: Risk Analysis

Thomas J. Carlson, Christ de Jong, and Rene P. A. Dekeling


Workshop 2: Long-Term and Cumulative Effects of Acoustic Exposure Along With Other Stressors

Robert Gisiner and George Frisk


Workshop 2: Approaches to Behavioral Analysis of Responses to High-Energy Acoustic Sources

Svein Løkkeborg and Frank Thomsen


Workshop 4: International Regulatory Issues

Amy R. Scholik-Schlomer and Camille Mageau


Summing Up

Roger L. Gentry