Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
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Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health

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Thomas J. Webster
421 g
243x164x20 mm

Nanotechnologies are now being applied to health monitoring. Until recently, there has been little research into how to use nanotechnology and sensors in health monitoring. Nanotechnology Enabled In Situ Sensors for Monitoring Health summarizes the research efforts to design sensors based on nanotechnology that can be placed into the body to monitor health. Nanotechnology is being used at an unprecedented pace to both diagnose and treat diseases, rather than conventional approaches that diagnose and treat diseases in a different manner.
Discusses how In situ nanosensors can be used in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases such as cancer, orthopedic problems, diabetes, etcCompares traditional approaches to monitoring health such as imaging and invasive procedures with the use of In situ nanosensors
Examines the role of In situ nanosensors in areas like orthopedic implants, monitoring inflammation and infection, neurological applications and monitoring diabetes
Carbon nanotube based orthopedic implant sensors.- Monitoring bone healing through nanosensors.- Intelligent orthopedic implant sensors based on nanotechnology.- In situ sensors using nanotechnology for anti-infection applications.- Contact lens nanosensors for diabetes.- In situ diabetic sensors designed by nanotechnology.- Monitoring inflammation and infection via implanted nanosensors.- Brain nanotechnology derived self-adapting sensors.- Implanted neural sensors for neurological applications.- Use of nanoporous membranes for in situ sensors.- The future of nanotechnology-based in situ sensors.