Observing Systems for Atmospheric Composition

Observing Systems for Atmospheric Composition
Satellite, Aircraft, Sensor Web and Ground-Based Observational Methods and Strategies
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Guido Visconti
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Dr. Guido Visconti is professor at the Department of Physcis at l'Aquila University, Italy. He is a leading scientist in the field of remote sensing and has written and edited several books, and made numerous other contributions to the field.

The other editors with a wealth of knowledge and experience are affiliated to respectively l'Aqulia University (Dr. Di Carlo), Penn State University (Dr. Brune), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Dr. Schoeberl) and Forschungszentrum Jülich (Dr. Wahner).

One challenge in atmospheric chemistry is understanding the intercontinental transport and transformation of gases and aerosols. This book describes observational and modeling techniques used to understand atmospheric composition from satellites, aircraft and ground based platforms. Common ideas presented throughout are the role of each component in an observing system for atmospheric composition, and advances necessary to improve understanding of atmospheric composition.

Index Preface Editors Introduction to the atmospheric observation systems W. Brune (Pennsylvania State University), M. Schultz (Max Planck Institut fur Meteorologie) and M. Schoeberl (NASA GSFC) CHAPTER 1 Observations by USA Satellites (lenght GEOSTATIONARY MEASUREMENTS P. K. Bhartia (NASA GSFC) THE A-TRAIN AND AEROSOLS C. Trepte (NASA LRC) TOMS P. K. Bhartia (NASA GSFC) AURA M. Schoeberl (NASA GSFC) CALIPSO C. Trepte (NASA LRC) CHAPTER 2 Observations by European Satellites ERS-2: GOME J. Burrows (University of Bremen) ENVISAT: SCIAMACHY J. Burrows (University of Bremen) ENVISAT: MIPAS H. Fischer (University of Karlsruhe) PLANNED AND PROPOSED ESA MISSIONS J. Burrows (University of Bremen) CHAPTER 3 Aircraft and ground-base intensive campaigns US AIRCRAFT CAMPAIGNS D. Jacob (Harvard University) EUROPEAN AIRCRAFT CAMPAIGNS U. Schumann (DLR Oberpfaffenhofen) MOZAIC - MEASURING UTLS CONSTITUENTS FROM COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT J.-P. Cammas (LA/CNRS) UAVS: CURRENT AND FUTURE USE P. Newman (NASA GSFC) EUROPEAN GROUND-BASED CAMPAIGN A. Wahner (ICG-Julich) U.S. GROUND-BASED CAMPAIGN K. Demerjian (University of Albany) CHAPTER 4 Ground-base networks OZONESONDE NETWORKS - SHADOZ Thompson (NASA GSFC) LIDAR NETWORKS V. Rizi (University of L'Aquila) EPA AND STATE POLLUTION NETWORKS K. Demerjian (University of Albany) CHAMBER STUDIES A. Wahner (ICG-Julich) AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS AND THE SENSOR WEB K. Reichard (Pennslyvania State University) COMPARISON OF MEASUREMENTS - CAL/VAL P. Newman (NASAGSFC) CHAPTER 5 Output of the observational web COMPUTATIONAL REQUIREMENTS R. Rood (NASA GSFC) DATA ASSIMILATION INTO MODELS R. Rood (NASA GSFC) INVERSE MODELING TECHNIQUES D. Jacob (Harvard University)

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