Cell Cycle Deregulation in Cancer

Cell Cycle Deregulation in Cancer
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Greg H. Enders
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Current Cancer Research

Cancer is fundamentally a disease of abnormal cell proliferation: Cancer cells multiply when and where they should not. This proliferation entails escape from normal bounds imposed by the tissue environment, the internal biology of the cell (DNA damage, chromosomal imbalances, disorganized mitotic spindles), and the proliferative history of the cell (normal generational times). Some of the key oncogenic events in cancer directly perturb proteins that regulate progression through the cell division cycle, others alter cell cycle progression indirectly, through effects on signaling pathway that impinge on the cell cycle. This biology is fundamentally important in cancer therapy. Many of the workhorse treatments for cancer rely on killing proliferating cells. Furthermore, there is growing recognition that stem cell-transit amplifying cell hierarchies may persist or be generated during tumorigenesis, generating important functional heterogeneity in cell cycle control among tumor cells, with far-reaching scientific and clinical implications. This volume outlines major cell cycle perturbations that drive tumorigenesis and considers the prospects for using such knowledge in cancer therapy.

outlines major cell cycle perturbations that drive tumorigenesis and considers the prospects for using such knowledge in cancer therapy.
Starting the cell division cycleElena Sotillo and Xavier GrañaEscape from cellular quiescenceJun-Yuan Ji and Nicholas J. DysonInterplay between Cyclin-dependent Kinases and E2F-dependent Transcription.A. Kathleen McClendon, Jeffry L. Dean, and Erik S. KnudsenRegulation of pre-RC assembly: A complex symphony orchestrated by CDKsProliferation under duressHaomin Huang and Timothy J YenMitotic checkpoint and chromosome instability in cancerJeremy P.H. Chow and Randy Y.C. PoonMitotic catastropheRobert D. Hontz and Maureen E. Murphyp53, ARF and the control of autophagyLong-term proliferationAndrea Viale and Pier Giuseppe PelicciRegulation of self-renewing divisions in normal and leukaemia stem cellsEros Lazzerini DenchiMaintenance of Telomeres in CancerPeter D. AdamsThe senescence secretome and its impact on tumor suppression and cancerApplications in preventing and treating cancerPierre Lao-Sirieix and Rebecca C FitzgeraldCell cycle deregulation in pre-neoplasia: case study of Barrett's esophagusNeil Johnson and Geoffrey I. ShapiroTargeting cyclin dependent kinases for cancer therapy

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