Photonic Microresonator Research and Applications

Photonic Microresonator Research and Applications
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Ioannis Chremmos
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156, Springer Optical Sciences

The technology surrounding the design and fabrication of optical microresonators has matured to a point where there is a need for commercialization. Consequently, there is a need for device research involving more advanced architectures and more esoteric operating principles. Photonic Microresonator Research and Applications explores advances in the fabrication process that enable nanometer waveguide separations, exceptionally smooth surfaces essential to reach Q factors in the order of 106- 108 and high index contrast materials.

This book details how to design and fabricate microresonators. It covers the latest in microresonator research and discusses them in photonic crystals, microsphere circuits and sensors. It includes application-oriented examples.
Shows how to design and fabricate microresonators
Fundamental Principles of Operation and Notes on Fabrication of Photonic Microresonators.- Circular Integrated Optical Microresonators: Analytical Methods and Computational Aspects.- Polarization Rotation in Ring Resonators.- Series-Coupled and Parallel-Coupled Add/Drop Filters and FSR Extension.- Advanced Microring Photonic Filter Design.- Band-Limited Microresonator Reflectors and Mirror Structures.- Slow and Stopped Light in Coupled Resonator Systems.- Processing Light in Reconfigurable Directly Coupled Ring Resonators.- Microresonators with Active Tuning.- Performance of Single and Coupled Microresonators in Photonic Switching Schemes.- Single Molecule Detection Using Optical Microcavities.- Microfiber and Microcoil Resonators and Resonant Sensors.- Photonic Crystal Ring Resonators and Ring Resonator Circuits.- High-Q Photonic Crystal Microcavities.- Radial Bragg Resonators.- Photonic Molecules and Spectral Engineering.- Fundamentals and Applications of Microsphere Resonator Circuits.- MEMS-Tuned Microresonators.- Microresonators for Communication and Signal Processing Applications.

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