HIV and Liver Disease

HIV and Liver Disease
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Kenneth E. Sherman
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This book provides a comprehensive update of the field, covering the epidemiology, pathogenesis, management and treatment of liver disease in patients with HIV infection. Helps care providers to interpret liver injury patterns, and care for viral coinfections.

Liver disease has been identified as a leading cause of death in HIV-infected patients since the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in 1996. The HIV treatment community has been caught largely unaware of this emerging dilemma. Many HIV care providers are ill-equipped to understand and interpret liver injury patterns, or to provide comprehensive care and management for viral coinfections which they are not familiar with.

HIV and Liver Disease provides a comprehensive update of the field covering the epidemiology, pathogenesis, management and treatment of liver disease in patients with HIV infection. The volume will help HIV care providers understand and interpret liver injury patterns, and/or provide comprehensive care and management for viral coinfections. Gastroenterologists and hepatologists will gain an understanding of complex drug regimens that are used to treat HIV and which may impact HCV and HBV treatment. Written by expert clinicians and researchers across multiple disciplines, HIV and Liver Disease will be of great value to gastroenterologists, hepatologists, infectious disease practitioners, as well as other health care providers who provide care or participate in research in the field of HIV.


Chapter 1 - The HIV Epidemic in the United States - Current Trends, 2010

John T. Brooks and Mi Chen

Chapter 2 - Epidemiology of Liver Disease in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Persons

Adeel A. Butt

Chapter 3 - Current and Future  Treatment Guidelines for HIV

Judith Feinberg

Chapter 4 - Pathology of HIV-Associated Liver Disease

Amy E. Noffsinger and Jiang Wang

Chapter 5 - Non-invasive Markers of Liver Injury and Fibrosis

Jenny O. Smith and Richard K. Sterling

Chapter 6 - Mechanisms of Alcoholic Steatosis/Steatohepatitis

Zhanxiang Zhou, Ross E. Jones, and Craig J. McClain

Chapter 7 - Immunopathogenesis of Liver Injury

Mohamed Tarek M. Shata

Chapter 8 - Host Gene Polymorphisms and Disease/Treatment Outcomes in HIV and Viral Co-infections

Jacob K. Natterman and Jurgen Rockstroh

 Chapter 9 - Effects of HIV on Liver Cell Populations

Meena B. Bansal and Jason T. Blackard

Chapter 10 - HIV Replication

Vladimir A. Novitsky and Max Essex

Chapter 11 - Hepatitis C - Natural History

Mark S. Sulkowski

Chapter 12 - Natural History of Hepatitis B Virus in HIV-Infected Patients

Chloe L. Thio

Chapter 13 - Other Hepatitis Viruses and HIV Infection

José V. Fernández-Montero and Vincent Soriano

Chapter 14 - Hepatitis B Virus:  Replication, Mutation and Evolution

Amy C. Sherman and Shyam Kottilil

Chapter 15 - Hepatitis C Virus Treatment in HIV

Raymond Chung and Gyanprakash Avinash Ketwaroo

Chapter 16 - Treatment of Hepatitis B in HIV-Infected Persons

Ellen Kitchell and Mamta K. Jain

Chapter 17 - Prevention of Hepatitis Infection in HIV-Infected Patients

Edgar Turner Overton and Judith A. Aberg

Chapter 18 - Alanine Aminotransferase (ART) Hepatotoxicity

Norah J. Shire

Chapter 19 - Management of End Stage Liver Disease and the Role of Liver Transplantation in HIV infected Patients

Marion G. Peters and Peter G. Stock

Chapter 20 - Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders in Patients with HIV Infection

Ashley D. Bone and Andrew F. Angelino

Chapter 21 - Racial Disparities in HIV and Liver Disease

Nyingi M. Kemmer

Chapter 22 - Quality of Life Issues in Patients with HIV and Liver Disease

Cindy L. Bryce and Joel Tsevat

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