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Autor: T. Mark Harwood
ISBN-13: 9781441910981
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Self-Help in Mental Health

A Critical Review
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Luciano L'Abate is Professor Emeritus in Psychology at Georgia State University.
Self-help is big business, but alas not a scienti c business. The estimated 10 billion-that's with a "b"-spent each year on self-help in the United States is rarely guided by research or monitored by mental health professionals. Instead, marketing and metaphysics triumph. The more outrageous the "miraculous cure" and the "r- olutionary secret," the better the sales. Of the 3,000 plus self-help books published each year, only a dozen contain controlled research documenting their effectiveness as stand-alone self-help. Of the 20,000 plus psychological and relationship web sites available on the Internet, only a couple hundred meet professional standards for accuracy and balance. Most, in fact, sell a commercial product. Pity the layperson, or for that matter, the practitioner, trying to navigate the self-help morass. We are bombarded with thousands of potential resources and c- tradictory advice. Should we seek wisdom in a self-help book, an online site, a 12-step group, an engaging autobiography, a treatment manual, an inspiring movie, or distance writing? Should we just do it, or just say no? Work toward change or accept what is? Love your inner child or grow out of your Peter Pan? I become confused and discouraged just contemplating the choices.
Guidelines for evaluating self-helpStrategies for integrating self-help
New directions in theories of self-help
to the Field of Self-help in Mental Health.- What Constitutes Self-Help in Mental Health and What Can Be Done to Improve It?.- The Self-Help Movement in Mental Health: From Passivity to Interactivity.- Self-Support Methods: Initiated, Administered, Guided, Maintained, and Monitored by Professionals.- Distance Writing: Helping without Seeing Participants.- Bibliotherapy.- Online Support Groups and Therapy.- Manuals for Practitioners.- Self-help and Self-change Approaches for Specific Conditions Initiated, Administered, Guided, Maintained, and Monitored by Professionals.- Anxiety Disorders.- Mood Disorders.- Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity.- Addictive Behaviors.- Personality Disorders.- Severe Psychopathology.- Medical Conditions.- Conclusions and Prospects.- Who Benefits by Self-Help and Why?.
Autor: T. Mark Harwood, Luciano L'Abate
Luciano L'Abate is Professor Emeritus in Psychology at Georgia State University.

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Autor: T. Mark Harwood
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