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Autor: Ernst J. Schaefer
ISBN-13: 9781441910585
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 205
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Format: 289x215x20 mm
Sprache: Englisch

High Density Lipoproteins, Dyslipidemia, and Coronary Heart Disease

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In this book and atlas entitled High Density Lipoproteins, Dyslipidemia, and Coronary Heart Disease, I am indebted to the many chapter authors who have contributed their writing as well as their insights. The work grew out of a meeting on high density lipoproteins (HDLs), chaired by me and Dr. Vassilis Zannis of Boston University, and held on June 19 and 20, 2009 in Newport, Rhode Island, as a satellite meeting following the 15th International Symposium on Atherosclerosis, held in Boston. In the introduction our understanding of overall lipoprotein metabolism is reviewed, as well as the common genetic lipoprotein disorders associated with premature coronary heart disease (CHD). These familial disorders include lipoprotein(a) excess, dyslipidemia (high triglycerides and low HDL), combined hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and high triglycerides often with low HDL), hypoalphalipoproteinemia (low HDL), and hyperc- lesterolemia. We discuss the management of these disorders. We also review other disorders including cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, phytosterolemia, defciency of apolipoprotein B, and severe hypertriglyceridemia. The latter disorder can be associated with pancreatitus. Thereafter, the focus is on HDL, beginning with chapters on the regulation of apolipop- tein (apo) A-I gene expression, the composition, remodeling, and the metabolism of HDL particles, as well as HDL structure, function, and its anti-infammatory properties.
Presents visual exposition of cutting-edge principles in cholesterol metabolism
Introduction: HDL, Dyslipidemia, and Coronary Heart Disease.- Regulation of Apolipoprotein A-I Gene Expression, Synthesis, and Function.- The Many and Varied Functions of HDL.- HDL Particle Composition, Proteomics, and Metabolism.- HDL Structure, Function, and Anti-inflammatory Properties.- Human ApoA-I Deficiency.- Human ApoA-I Variants.- Cellular Cholesterol Efflux 1: ABCA 1 Function and Deficiency.- Cellular Cholesterol Efflux 2: ABCG1 Function.- Cellular Cholesterol Efflux 3: ABCA1, ABCG1 and HDL Particle Interaction.- Cholesterol Esterification and Human LCAT Deficiency.- Effects of Lipoprotein Lipase and Hepatic Lipase Deficiency on HDL Metabolism.- Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein (CEPT) and Human CETP Deficiency.- HDL Metabolism and Scavenger Receptor B1.- The Genetics of HDL.- Effects of Nutrition and Excersize on HDL Metabolism.- Effects of Alcohol on HDL Metabolism.- Effects of Estrogens on HDL Metabolism.- Efects of Niacin on HDL Metabolism.- Effects of Statins on HDL Metabolism.- Effects of Fibrates on HDL Metabolism.- Effects of Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein Inhibition on HDL Metabolism.- Oral and HDL Infusion Therapy to Enhance Reverse Cholesterol Transport.- Conclusions.

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Autor: Ernst J. Schaefer
ISBN-13 :: 9781441910585
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.2010
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 828g
Seiten: 205
Sprache: Englisch
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