How to Launch a Magazine in this Digital Age
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How to Launch a Magazine in this Digital Age

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Mary Hogarth
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Hogarth, MaryMary Hogarth has nearly 20 years' industry experience covering all aspects of magazine publishing, including being the managing editor at Writers International Ltd - overseeing two national titles Weddings Today and Writer's Forum.
An experienced educator, media specialist and writer, Mary previously led Features Journalism at Southampton Solent University, UK, before joining Bournemouth University, UK. She is also currently an External Examiner for the University of Sunderland and was recently awarded HEA Senior Fellowship. Her specialist area of research revolves around magazine publishing from an editorial and business perspective. She recently published Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing (2018). Mary has also been commissioned to write the 5th edition of Writing Feature Articles, which is scheduled for publication in early in 2019.
Her consultancy practice, themagazineexpert Ltd specialises in advising on new title launches, audience engagement, editorial development and developing sustainable magazine business strategies.

Jenkins, John
John Jenkins is a former night editor of the Daily Telegraph. From Fleet Street he established two magazine publishing companies, has edited 22 books, written three biographies and established the magazine Writers' Forum. He has sold articles and stories to more than 300 titles around the world and lectured at several universities
Lively and engaging, How to Launch a Magazine in this Digital Age adopts a practical guide for students and inexperienced editors, detailing the process of setting up and launching a new publication -- be it digital, print or a combination of both. Using case studies, theoretical/critical insights, and tests/exercises, this is the first how-to to embrace digital technologies, including a companion website with additional support with podcasts, web links, forums and timed live author chats.

The key to the text's success is its ability to encompass the complete process. It begins with the initial idea and follows the process through to developing a business plan as well as setting an editorial strategy to achieve and maintain an audience in a digital age -- where traditional print formats face an uncertain future. It includes checklists and realistic timescales for producing a digital/print magazine, for both the working professional and the student in the classroom setting.
The only text to cover the process of developing a print/digital product from both a business as well as an editorial perspective.
1. A gap in the market
2. Developing your magazine
3. Target audiences
4. Publishing strategies: print, digital & online
5. A sustainable business model
6. Branding and editorial concepts
7. Distribution strategies
8. Your team
9. Advertising & other revenue streams
10. Production: Print, digital & online
11. A successful launch
12. Conclusion


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