Comparative and International Education

Comparative and International Education
An Introduction to Theory, Method, and Practice
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David Phillips
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David Phillips is Emeritus Professor of Comparative Education at the University of Oxford, UK, and an Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford, UK. Michele Schweisfurth is Professor of Comparative and International Education at the University of Glasgow, UK. She is also Editor of the journal Comparative Education and was Chair of the British Association for International and Comparative Education (2010-12).
This revised and updated second edition of Comparative and International Education: An Introduction to Theory, Method and Practice provides a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the key themes, definitions and approaches in this important field. It covers the history, theory, and methods of comparative and international education, as well as the relationship with education and national development, and outlines what we can learn from comparative studies. Clear explanations are complemented with examples of real research in the field including work on policy borrowing, learner-centred pedagogy and university internationalization.
Comprehensive and concise introduction to comparative and international education including its history, methods and practice and relationship with national development.
Acknowledgements Foreword to the 1st Edition, Erwin H. Epstein Foreword to the 2nd Edition, Jeremy Rappleye Preface to the 2nd Edition Introduction 1. Making Comparisons 2. How Comparative Education has Developed 3. Policy Transfer 4. International Education: Meanings, Practice, and Research 5. Education and National Development: An Introduction to Key Ideas and Questions 6. Comparative Education: Method 7. Researching Education and Development: Perspectives, Practicalities, and Ethics 8. Comparative Education Research: Survey Outcomes and Their Uses 9. Outcomes of Comparative Education: Selected Themes Conclusions References Index

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