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Ken Hyland
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Ken Hyland is Chair of Applied Linguistics and Director of the Centre for Applied English Studies, University of Hong Kong.
Since 2005, the Continuum Discourse series, under the editorship of Professor Ken Hyland, has published some of the most cutting-edge work in the field of discourse analysis.This edited collection offers a showcase of the work produced by its authors and reads as fully-functional book in its own right. The work of Paul Baker, Frances Christie and Greg Myers features, amongst others. With an introduction by Professor Hyland, the chapters are organized thematically to provide a look a research methods, examine at the various types of institutional discourses covered by the series, and finally, a look to arguably the future of the field - electronic discourses in an electronic medium, for example Twitter, SMS and Blogs. This is an essential purchase for those involved in discourse analysis in any capacity.
1. Introduction Part I: Discourse Research Methods 2. Corpora and Discourse Analysis (Using Corpora in Discourse Analysis Chapter 1) 3. Systemic Functional Linguistics and Discourse Analysis (Historical Discourse Chapter 2) 4. Metadiscourse (Metadiscourse Chapter 3) 5. Researching Discourse (Introduction to Discourse Analysis Chapter 9) Part II: Analyses of Institutional Discourses 5. School Science (School Discourse Chapter 6) 6. Small Talk at Work (Workplace Discourse Chapter 5) 7. Development of Medical Discourse (Professional Discourse Chapter 4) 8. Instructional Discourses (Academic Discourse Chapter 5) 9. Images in the News (News Discourse Chapter 5) Part III: Electronic Discourses 10. Stance in Blogs (Blogs and Wikis Chapter 7) 11. Respellings in Text Messages (SMS Discourse Chapter 3) 12. The Language of Tweets (Twitter Discourse Chapter 3: The Language of Microblogging) Index

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