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Donald Gross is a diplomat, lawyer and policy expert who serves as adjunct fellow of the Pacific Forum, Center for Strategic and International Studies. A former State Department official, he has developed diplomatic strategy toward East Asia and negotiated sensitive agreements with China, Japan, South Korea and North Korea. Earlier, he was counselor of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and director of legislative affairs at the National Security Council in the White House.
After assessing the shortcomings of U.S. policy, the book outlines measures that would lead to a stable peace and a new paradigm for U.S.-China relations.
1. Introduction: The Unfulfilled Promise of U.S.-China Relations 2. The Real Military Balance 3. Rapprochement and a Stable Peace 4. China's Economic Juggernaut 5. Democracy and Human Rights in China 6. The "Soft Power" of China's Foreign Policy 7. Getting It Right: A New Framework Agreement for U.S.-China Relations 8. Realizing Japan's Foreign Policy Goals 9. Achieving Korean Reunification 10. Conclusion: The China Fallacy 11. Epilogue

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