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Autor: Lowell E. White Jr.
ISBN-13: 9781426952944
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Toward a Healthy Tomorrow

How To: Find a Friend for Me! It’S You
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As a medical educator, neuroscientist, and surgical neurologist, Dr. Lowell E. White Jr. has learned a great deal from his studentsmost particularly, their varying responses to mathematics, language, pictures, and the written word. Because these responses vary so widely, in Toward a Healthy Tomorrow, Dr. White presents his observations of fiction and fact in prose, poetry, and graphics. The prose introduces the subject matter, the poetry addresses personal responsibility for good health, and the graphics encourage thought on the subject of the poem in a conceptual fashion.
Each person must come to grips with the prime social issues. They must be cognizant of the individuals role in his or her own health.

(The ultimate decision)

Progress is:
A two-edged sword
It guides us
Toward and in our life
Never waiver in your desire
Health in all its aspects.
When the system fails
Seek a friend: a Health Ombudsman
What is a friend?
Today it is a Primary Physician and Surgeon
A confidant, a Quarterback
Primary Friend, Chairman of the committee

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Autor: Lowell E. White Jr.
ISBN-13 :: 9781426952944
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Verlag: Trafford Publishing
Seiten: 52
Sprache: Englisch
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