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Autor: Nilton Bonder
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To Have or Not to Have That Is the Question

The Economics of Desire
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After having lectured at large corporations around Brazil and several other countries, Rabbi Bonder wrote this book to meet the rising interest in the business world for spirituality.
This book is about the ultra-wisdom to be found in frontiers between intelligence and ignorance. The very border that divides between clarity and superstition, intuition and illusion, discernment and fantasy, is an area of mixed light and darkness. In this twilight zone abide truths that will never turn into certainties.

This is the zone where good sense is usually not the common sense, but a countersense. Where wisdom is forged out of experience, sensitivity and intuition; where doubt is the resource and where fog rather than light is the medium.

Companies searching for their earthly kingdom have discovered that the intelligence of the kingdom of heaven could be of some use for efficiency sake, and in a highly competitive world nobody can afford to ignore a form of intelligence. In our days, we have begun to recognize a field of thought that until just recently was seen as lying outside the realm of categories of intelligence.

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Autor: Nilton Bonder
ISBN-13 :: 9781426939891
ISBN: 1426939892
Verlag: Trafford Publishing
Seiten: 168
Sprache: Englisch
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