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Autor: Rev. Dr. Donald R. Wesson
ISBN-13: 9781426936715
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Seiten: 92
Sprache: Englisch
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Straight Talk with the Family

God’S Blueprint for Strengthening the Family
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Todays media constantly report on the sorrowful state of todays families. From rebellious and disrespectful children to absent and abusive parents, the modern family is in disarray.
Rev. Dr. Donald R. Wesson presents a faith-based, spiritual guide for repairing the cracks in your familys foundation. Drawing on his own experiences in counseling numerous families, Wesson delivers a Bible-centered blueprint that focuses on the importance of traditional family roles and the return of old-fashioned values. Broken into easy-to-understand chapters, this groundbreaking book discusses such important topics as

developing a transparent family;
centering your lives on God;
determining each family members responsibility;
incorporating worship into family life;
discerning between healthy and unhealthy family relationships.

Full of helpful hints and sound advice, Straight Talk with the Family offers families big and small the encouragement and support they need to bring healing to their lives. Let hope back into your heart!

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Autor: Rev. Dr. Donald R. Wesson
ISBN-13 :: 9781426936715
ISBN: 1426936710
Verlag: Trafford Publishing
Seiten: 92
Sprache: Englisch
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