Proven Alpha Course Tips
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Proven Alpha Course Tips

Consistently Getting God's Best - for All Who Believe in Alpha
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John Fairhaven
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Written by a colleague: Alpha is a tremendous worldwide hit, yet most groups deploying it will - at times - be somewhat disappointed by the amount of resulting fruit. Holy Trinity Brompton readily acknowledges this. Even groups faithfully adhering to the official advice that has so far been published can still find many non-Christian attendees disappearing during, or shortly after, the program. Proven Alpha Course Tips identifies several previously unrecognized causes of this problem and has been created to help every group using Alpha to see much greater fruit.

"Very well written and laid out.... Very well researched and extremely informative. It''s positive and a manageable size.... It''s a ''must read''" - Phil Phillimore, Alpha course leader

Drawing on profound knowledge of the Alpha resources and interviews with Nicky Gumbel, John Fairhaven has created a most practical work. Proven Alpha Course Tips will encourage and excite readers with its unique insights.
In view of the substantial amount of time and effort spent implementing each program - and on getting unbelievers to attend them - this book represents a very wise acquisition. Written by someone who cares passionately about his subject, the material in this new volume will be of great benefit to every individual in a group running any type of Alpha course.