The Dawning of a New Dark Age
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The Dawning of a New Dark Age

A Collection of Essays on Islam
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Mark Alexander
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11, 2001, Muslim terrorists
launched an attack on the style='font-size:11.0pt'>United Statesstyle='font-size:11.0pt'> to punish it for being what Osama
bin Laden considered the land of the infidels! In fact, this attack was an
attack on the entire Western world and, even more important, it was an attack
on Western civilization, the underlying objective being to take civilization
back fourteen hundred years to a time of great glory for the Islamic world.

the wake of the attack by young Muslim extremists, which resulted in the collapse
of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, our leaders
attempted to assure us that the terrorists did not represent the entire Muslim
world. It was said that they were the actions of a minority, of an extreme
fringe group. It was, and continues to be, troubling, however, that we have
heard very little strong condemnation coming from the supposed moderate Muslim
community. Who are these moderates? Why have they not spoken out more
vociferously? Do they really exist? When will they speak out with moral
indignation? Indeed, will they ever?

most Westerners Islam is thought to be just another world religion, equal to
Christianity and Judaism. But is this really the case? Upon closer study, Islam
seems to be far different from the other two religions. Certainly no one would
accuse Muslims of being tolerant, non-judgmental, non-violent or peace-loving!
While Muslims have been allowed to build hundreds of mosques in Western
countries, Christian churches may only rarely be built, if ever, in Muslim
countries! Indeed in some Muslim countries such as the style='font-size:11.0pt'>Sudanstyle='font-size:11.0pt'>, it is official government policy to demolish
churches! In addition, it is difficult to believe that any world religion would
advocate treating women as second-class citizens, and actually get away with

concept of brotherhood in Islam is strong. The posture advocated by Prophet
Mohammed in the Koran toward non-Muslims, however, is to seek them out and
annihilate them. The phenomenon of suicide bombers is at once both pathetic and
chilling. On the one hand, it is pathetic that young Muslims are taught that
they can gain entrance into paradise by taking peoples lives in such a
gruesome manner. Carnal pleasures, of course, await the males upon entrance
into heaven! On the other hand, it is chilling to think that there are any
people living in the 21st century ready to teach and encourage such
savagery. What is the supposed theological justification for holding to such
beliefs? Indeed, is there any such thing in Islam as theology in which the
tenets of the faith are examined critically? Isnt it the case, rather, that
the teachings of Prophet Mohammed are accepted literally, and without question?

his book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age,
Mark Alexander explores these questions, and often finds disturbing answers.
Unlike many authors on the subject, Mark actually lived and worked among
Muslims for many years; so he has first-hand knowledge of the religion and
culture. While on his tours of duty in the style='font-size:11.0pt'>Middle East, Mark immersed himself in Islam and Arabic culture, studying the
religion both from Occidental and Oriental perspectives. He familiarized
himself not only with the Koran, but also with the beliefs and attitudes of
Muslims in the street. This experience has given him unusually clear insights
into the aspirations of the Muslim world. Marks conclusions will not be
comforting to those who would like to believe that the long-term threat to the
West is limited to the aspirations of a few fundamentalist terrorists.

Douglas Kennedy, Ph.D.,