Inside the Economist's Mind
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Inside the Economist's Mind

Conversations with Eminent Economists
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Paul A. Samuelson
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By focusing on the human side as well as the intellectualdimensions of how economists work and think, this collection ofinterviews with top economists of the 20th century becomes astartling and lively introduction to the modern world ofmacroeconomics. A fun read!
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Acclaim for Inside the Economist's Mind

"In candid interviews, these great economists prove to befabulous story tellers of their lives and times. Unendinglygripping for insiders, this book should also help non-specialistsunderstand how economists think."
Professor Julio Rotemberg, Harvard University Business School,and Editor, Review of Economics and Statistics.

"Economics used to be called the 'dismal science'. It will beimpossible for anybody to hold that view anymore ... This isscience with flesh and blood, and a lot of fascinating stories thatyou will find nowhere else."
Dr. Jean-Pascal Bénassy, Paris-Jourdan SciencesÉconomiques, Paris, France

"This book provides a rare and intriguing view of the personaland professional lives of leading economists ... It is like ABeautiful Mind, scaled by a factor of 16 [the number ofinterviews in the book]."
Professor Lee Ohanian, University of California at LosAngeles

" ... if you want an insider view of how economics has beendeveloping in the last decades, this is the (only) book foryou."
Professor Giancarlo Gandolfo, University of Rome 'LaSapienza,' Rome

"Here we see the HUMAN side of path-breaking research, thepersonalities and pitfalls, the DRAMA behind the science."
Professor Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania,Philadelphia
Coeditor's Foreword: Reflections on How Biographies of IndividualScholars Can Relate to a Science's Biography (Paul A. Samuelson).

Coeditor's Preface: An Overview of the Objectives and Contentsof the Volume (William A. Barnett).

History of Thought Introduction: Economists Talking withEconomists, An Historian's Perspective (E. Roy Weintraub).


1. An Interview with Wassily Leontief (Interviewed by Duncan K.Foley).

2. An Interview with David Cass (Interviewed jointly by StephenE. Spear and Randall Wright).

3. An Interview with Robert E. Lucas, Jr. (Interviewed byBennett T. McCallum).

4. An Interview with János Kornai (Interviewed by OlivierBlanchard).

5. An Interview with Franco Modigliani (Interviewed by WilliamA. Barnett and Robert Solow).

6. An Interview with Milton Friedman (Interviewed by John B.Taylor).

7. An Interview with Paul A. Samuelson (Interviewed by WilliamA. Barnett).

8. An Interview with Paul A. Volcker (Interviewed by PerryMehrling).

9. An Interview with Martin Feldstein (Interviewed by James M.Poterba).

10. An Interview with Christopher A. Sims (Interviewed by LarsPeter Hansen).

11. An Interview with Robert J. Shiller (Interviewed by John Y.Campbell).

12. An Interview with Stanley Fischer (Interviewed by OlivierBlanchard).

13. An Interview with Jacques Drèze (Interviewed by PierreDehez and Omar Licandro).

14. An Interview with Thomas J. Sargent (Interviewed by GeorgeW. Evans and Seppo Honkapohja).

15. An Interview with Robert Auman (Interviewed by SergiuHart).

16. Conversations with James Tobin and Robert Shiller on the"Yale Tradition" in Macroeconomics (Conducted by DavidColander).

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