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Autor: Frank H. P. Fitzek
ISBN-13: 9781402059681
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Mobile Phone Programming

and its Application to Wireless Networking
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Frank Fitzek is Associate Professor at Aalborg University, and is Head of Future Visions. He has edited one book for Springer, and is currently working on a second. This book will be the third.
This book provides a solid overview of mobile phone programming targeting both academia and industry. Mobile Phone Programming covers all commercial realizations of Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux platforms. Each programming language (JAVA, Python, C/C++) and a set of development environments are introduced step by step making developers familiar with current limitations, pitfalls, and challenges. Each chapter contains examples and source code to rapidly make developers familiar with the most important concepts. Examples cover peer to peer networks, cooperative networking, cross layer protocol design, key challenges such as power consumption, and sensor networks for which a full hardware and software implementation is provided.
Whether you are an experienced developer or an advanced student Mobile Phone Programming will be your key reference for successfully entering the world of software development for mobile devices.
Forward; S.Laitinen.
Part I: Introduction. 1. Introduction to Mobile Phone Programming; F.Fitzek, F.Reichert.
Part II: Mobile Phone Programming Languages. 2. Python for Symbian Phones; J.Scheible. 3. Java 2 Micro Edition; G.P.Perrucci, A.Häber. 4. Symbian/C++; M.Pedersen, F.Fitzek. 5 Open C; E.Penttinen, A.Saukko. 6. Qtopia Greenphone; T.Arildsen, M.Jørgensen. 7. Maemo Linux; M.Sillanpää. 8. Windows Mobile Programming; R.Wind, et al..
Part III: Infrastructure Based Communication. 9. Service Discovery; A.Häber.
Part IV: Peer to Peer Communication. 10. Digital Ownership for P2P Networks; M.Stini et al. 11. SMARTEX:The SmartME Application; M.Pedersen, F.Fitzek. 12. The Walkie Talkie Application; M.Pedersen, F.Fitzek.
Part V: Cooperative Communication. 13. Cooperative Wireless Networking; M.Katz, F.Fitzek. 14. The Medium is the Message; A.Grauballe et al. 15. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing for Mobile Devices; I.Kelényi, et al. 16. Energy Saving Aspects and Services for Cooperative Wireless Networks; L.Militano, et al.
Part VI: Cross Layer Communication. 17. Cross-Layer Protocol Design for Wireless Communication; T.Arildsen, F.Fitzek. 18. Cross-Layer Example for Multimedia Services over Bluetooth; M.Pedersen, et al.
Part VII: Sensor Networks. 19. Convergence of Mobile Devices and Wireless Sensor Networks; F.Fitzek, S.Rein. 20. Using In-built RFID/NFC, Cameras, and 3D Accelerometers as Mobile Phone Sensors; P.Coulton, et al. 21. Sensor Networks for Distributed Computing; S.Rein, et al. 22. Parking Assistant Application; J.Dahl Rasmussen, et al.
Part VIII: Power Consumption in Mobile Devices. 23. Energy Efficiency of Video Decoder Implementations; O.Silvén, T.Rintaluoma. 24. External Energy Consumption Measurements on Mobile Phones; F.Fitzek. 25. Optimizing Mobile Software with Built-in Power Profiling; G.Bosch Creus, M.Kuulusa.
Editiert von: Frank H. P. Fitzek, Frank Reichert
Frank Fitzek is Associate Professor at Aalborg University, and is Head of Future Visions. He has edited one book for Springer, and is currently working on a second. This book will be the third.

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Autor: Frank H. P. Fitzek
ISBN-13 :: 9781402059681
ISBN: 140205968X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.2007
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 970g
Seiten: 473
Sprache: Englisch
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