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Autor: Eric Bertrand
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Subcellular Proteomics

43, Subcellular Biochemistry
From Cell Deconstruction to System Reconstruction, Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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This volume summarizes the new developments that made subcellular proteomics a rapidly expanding area. It examines the different levels of subcellular organization and their specific methodologies. In addition, the book includes coverage of systems biology that deals with the integration of the data derived from these different levels to produce a synthetic description of the cell as a system.
Very first book dedicated to the proteomic analysis of subcellular structures
Introduction Section 1: Membrane proteomicsKeynotes on membrane proteomics
Thierry Rabilloud Two-dimensional BAC/SDS-PAGE for membrane proteomics
René P. Zahedi, Jan Moebius and Albert Sickmann Microparticles: a new tool for plasma membrane sub-cellular proteomic
Laurent Miguet, Sarah Sanglier, Christine Schaeffer, Noelle Potier, Laurent Mauvieux and Alain Van Dorsselaer. Lipid raft proteomics: more than just detergent-resistant membranes
Leonard J. Foster and Queenie W. T. Chan Section 2: Organelle subproteomes
Organelle Proteome Variation Among Different Cell Types: Lessons from Nuclear Membrane Proteins
Deirdre M. Kavanagh, William E. Powell, Poonam Malik, Vassiliki Lazou and Eric C. Schirmer Synaptosome Proteomics
Fengju Bai and Frank A. Witzmann Proteomic analysis of secreted exosomes
Christine Olver and Michel Vidal Section 3: Characterization of supramolecular protein complexes
From Protein-Protein Complexes to Interactomics
Vincent Collura and Guillaume Boissy Supramolecular signalling complexes in the nervous system
Mark O. Collins and Seth G.N. Grant Protein networks and complexes in photoreceptor cilia
Ronald Roepman and Uwe Wolfrum Section 4: Subcellular systems biology
Systems Biology and the Reconstruction of the Cell: from molecular components to integral function
Frank J. Bruggeman, Sergio Rossell, Karen van Eunen, Jildau Bouwman, Hans V. Westerhoff and Barbara Bakker Automated, Systematic Determination of Protein Subcellular Location using Fluorescence Microscopy
Elvira García Osuna and Robert F. Murphy Systems biology of the Endoplasmic Reticulum stressresponse
Marie-Elaine Caruso and Eric Chevet Section 5: Emerging technologies in proteomics
Systems Nanobiology: From Quantitative Single Molecule Biophysics to Microfluidic-Based Single Cell Analysis
Joerg Martini, Wibke Hellmich, Dominik Greif, Anke Becker, Thomas Merkle, Robert Ros, Alexandra Ros, Katja Toensing and Dario Anselmetti Biophotonics applied to proteomics
Michel Faupel, Débora Bonenfant, Patrick Schindler, Eric Bertrand Dieter Mueller, Markus Stoeckli, Francis Bitsch, Tatiana Rohner, Dieter Staab and Jan Van Oostrum Differential epitope identification of antibodies against intracellular domains of Alzheimer`s amyloid precursor protein using high resolution affinity- mass spectrometry
Xiaodan Tian, Madalina Maftei, Markus Kohlmann, Bernadette Allinquant and Michael Przybylski LC-MALDI MS and MS/MS - An Efficient Tool in Proteome Analysis
Dieter R. Mueller, Hans Voshol, Annick Waldt, Brigitte Wiedmann and Jan van Oostrum

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Autor: Eric Bertrand
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