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Nanoparticles and Occupational Health

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Nanotechnology is rapidly invading many aspects of modern society - from science, research and engineering to industrial and commercial applications and, inevitably, to man and his environment. One of the biggest challenges, therefore, is managing environmental, health and safety risks of nanomaterials. Yet, the information necessary to assess their long term effects is scarce. Systematic research into what potentially makes engineered nanomaterials hazardous, how this translates into risk, and how these can be managed will be vital and involves interdisciplinary collaboration.The first International Symposium on Nanotechnology and Occupational Health, in 2004, brought together hygienists, manufacturers, toxicologists, materials scientists, regulators and researchers. It pointed the way to what needs to be done. The second International Symposium, 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota, demonstrated the power and potential where there is a will: with nearly three times as many attendants, and with contributions from academics, industry, policymakers, non-government organizations and even lawyers, this second symposium established that, while there is international concern over how to ensure safe nanotech-workplaces, there is also progress being made in developing the required knowledge.
This volume, a reprint from a special issue of the Journal of Nanoparticle Research, mainly draws from work presented at the 2005 symposium, diverse but united by the need for a holistic view of nanotechnology and risk.
This volume, a reprint from a special issue of the Journal of Nanoparticle Research, draws on work presented at The Second International Symposium on Nanotechnology and Occupational Health, held in Minnesota in 2005. It presents an interdisciplinary approach to nanotechnology and occupational health and offers an overview of recent developments toward assessment and management of hazards and risks associated with engineered nanomaterials.
Maynard, A.D. and Pui, D.Y.H.: Nanotechnology and Occupational Health Perspectives
Keller, K.: Nanotechnology and Society
Balbus, J.: Health policy and regulatory frameworks Papers
Wallace, W.: Phospholipid lung surfactant and NP surface toxicity: lessons from diesel shoots and silicate dusts
Kortshagen, U.: Plasma synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals for electronics and luminescence applications
Maynard A.: Size-differentiated physicochemical characterization of airborne single walled carbon nanotube
Fissan, H.: Rationale and principle of an instrument measuring lung deposition surface area
Pui D.Y.H.: Calibration and Numerical Simulation of the Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor (TSI Model 3550 NSAM)
Tsai, Chuen-Jinn: An axial flow cyclone to remove nanoparticles at low pressure conditions
Japuntich, D.: A comparison of two nano-sized particle air filtration tests in the diameter range of 10 to 400 nm
Wang, Jing: Modeling of filtration efficiency of nanoparticles in standard filter media
Kim, Seong Chan: Experimental study of nanoparticles penetration through commercial filter media
Biswas, Pratim: Reduction of exposure to welding process generated nanoparticles by ventillation changes in an occupational environment
Kandlikar, M., Ramachandran, G., Maynard, A.D., Murdock, B. and Toscano, W.A.: Health risk assessment for nanoparticles: A case for using expert judgment
Chein, Hung-Min: Evaluation of Nanoparticle Emission for TiO2 Nanopowder Coating Materials
Kuzma, J.: The Nanotechnology-Biology Interface: Exploring Models for Oversight Reports

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