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Autor: Sinerik N. Ayrapetyan
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Bioelectromagnetics. Current Concepts

NATO Security through Science Series NATO Security through Science Series B: Physics and Biophysics
The Mechanisms of the Biological Effect of Extremely High Power Pulses
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This volume includes the lectures and selected posters on different aspects of biological effects of EMF, presented at the NATO ADVANCED RESEARCH WORKSHOP "The mechanisms of biological effect Extremely High Power Pulses (EHPP)" (3-5 March 2005) and the UNESCO/WHO/IUPAB Seminar "Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Biological Effects of EMF" (1-2 March 2005) that took place in Yerevan, Armenia. The gracious support of several international organizations made possible to bring together 47 scientists, engineers, physicians and policy makers from 21 countries from Europe, North and South America, Asia. The Capital of Armenia, Yerevan, provided an excellent opportunity for discussions of the experimental data and theoretical models of EMF effect on various levels, starting from cell aqua bathing medium to the whole organism, including the human, applying multidisciplinary approaches. The continuous increase of the number of man made EMF sources leads to dramatic changes in the spectrum of EMF in the biosphere. During the last two decades the public concern about potential hazard of EMF generated by power and distribution lines, as well as mobile communications and base stations have initiated serious public concern and has triggered the attention of the WHO, which reflected in the EMF project of harmonization of standards. At the same time, contemporary medicine largely uses EMF diagnostic methods. The beneficial effects of EMF are complemented with a large scale of EMF therapeutic modalities used in a number of countries, helping millions of people.
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on The Mechanisms of the Biological Effect on Extra High Power Pulses (EHPP), Yerevan, Armenia 3 - 5 March 2005
Preface.Acknowledgements. Chapter I. Mechanisms of EMF interactions with biological systems. Thermal vs. nonthermal Mechanisms of Interactions between Electromagnetic Fields and Biological Systems; M. Markov.- The Mechanisms Paradox; K. Foster.- Cell Aqua Medium as a Primary Target for the Effecy of Electronmagnetic Fields; S.Ayrapetyan.- The Effect of ELF EMF-Pretreated Distillated Water on Barley seed Hydration and Germination Potential; A. Amyan and S. Ayrapetyan.- Intracellular Calcium Signaling Basic Mechanisms and Possible Alterations; P. Kostyuk and E. Lukyanetz.-Suppression of Synaptic Transmission in Hippocampus by extremely-high-power Microwave Pulses Synchronized with Neuronal Excitation; J. Doyle et al.-The in vitro Assessment of Potential Genotoxicity of High Power Microwave Pulses; N. Chemeris at al.- Unconventional Approach to Biological Effects of EMF; B. Sernelius.- The Effect of Iron Ions and weak static or low Frequency(50 HZ) Magnetic Fields on Lymphocytes: free Radical Processes; J. Jajte and M. Zmyslony.-Collagen as a Target for Electromagnetic Fields. Effects of 910-mhz on Rat Brain; M. Tzaphlidou and E. Fotiou.-Animal Studies on the Effects of ELF and Static EMF; N.Seyhan et al.- Chapter II. EMF Therapy. Interactions Between Electromagnetic Fields and Immune System: Possible Mechanism for Pain Control; M.Markov et al.- Electromagnetic Field Therapy: A Role for Water?;C. Hazlewood et al.- Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Millimeter Wave Therapy; M. Ziskin.-Anti-Inflammatory Effects of low-intensity Millimeter Wave Radiation; A.Gapeyev et al.- Study of the Secretion of Melatonin and Stress Hormones in Operators from Broadcasting and TV-Stations Exposed to Radiofrequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) ; M. Israel et al.-The Combining Effect of the ferrocene Compounds with electro magnetic Field ; A. F. Badawi and A.A.Hafiz.-Chapter III. EMF Dosimetry. High-Frequency Device for the Measurement of the Specific Absorbed Rate by the Biotissues of High Intensity; R. Simonyan et al.-Physical Aspects of Pulsed Microwave Absorption in Tissue; P.Sístek.- Exposure Metrics of Magnetic Fields related to Power Lines and electric Applicances T. Saito et al.-Chapter IV. Epidemiology and policyScience, Uncertainty and Policy for Power and Mobile Frequency EMF; L. Kheifets.-Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards from low energy electromagnetic Field Exposure using sensitive In Vitro Methods; F. Adlkofer.-Can the Radiation from Cellular Phones have important Effects on the Forces between Biological-Tissue-Components?; B.E.Sernelius.-Exposure to non-ionizing radiation of personnel in Physiotherapy; M.Israel and P. Tschobanoff.- Chapter V. Posters. Changes of the Magnitude of Arteriolar Vasomotion during and after ELF-EMF Exposure in Vivo L.Traikov et al.-The Effects of SMF, EHPP and Hydrogen Peroxide on the Development of Yeasts; N. Baghdasaryan and S.Ayrapetyan.- Inhibition of Melatonin Synthesis in Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes by EMF: A Mechanism of Interaction? ; R.Coghill and R. Baghurst.- A Study of Melatonin in Plant Tissues and its Dietary and Health Implications; R. Baghurst and R.Coghill.-Effect of High Dilution Quinones on 02 uptake by peripheral Blood Lymphocytes: A Polarographic Study; C. Conners and R. Coghill.-Internal originators of Functions Fluctuation in Multi-Celled Organisms; R.D. Grygoryan and P.N. Lissov.-List of speakers. List of participants. Official Photograph. Index

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Autor: Sinerik N. Ayrapetyan
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