Digital Bodies

Digital Bodies
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Creativity and Technology in the Arts and Humanities
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Susan Broadhurst
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Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology

Susan Broadhurst is Professor of Performance at Brunel University, UK, as well as a writer and performance practitioner. She has published widely, focusing on the interrogation of the body through the medium of technologically informed Arts and Performance practices. Susan is co-editor of the Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology series and of the EBSCO-indexed Body, Space & Technology online journal.
Sara Price is Professor of Digital Learning at University College London, UK. She has extensive experience in Human Computer Interaction, and has published widely on the design, development and evaluation of emergent digital technologies for learning. She is joint editor for the British Journal of Educational Technology, and lead editor of the SAGE Handbook of Digital Technology Research.

This book explores technologies related to bodily interaction and creativity from a multi-disciplinary perspective. By taking such an approach, the collection offers a comprehensive view of digital technology research that both extends our notions of the body and creativity through a digital lens, and informs of the role of technology in practices central to the arts and humanities. Crucially, Digital Bodies foregrounds creativity, the interrogation of technologies and the notion of embodiment within the various disciplines of art, design, performance and social science. In doing so, it explores a potential or virtual new sense of the embodied self. This book will appeal to academics, practitioners and those with an interest in not only how digital technologies affect the body, but also how they can enhance human creativity.

Draws from digital technology research to explore our ideas of the body and creativity in a new light
List of Illustrations.- Foreword, Steve Benford.- Notes on Editors.- Notes on Contributors.- 1. Introduction, The Performing Body: Creativity and Technology in Performance, Susan Broadhurst & Sara Price.- 2. Digital Performance and Creativity, Susan Broadhurst.- 3. Atmospheres of Wearable Design, Johannes Birringer.- 4. Making and Breaking: Electronic Waste Recycling as Methodology, Dani Ploeger.- 5. Blast Theory's Strategies of Counter-gamification, Maria Chatzichristodoulou.- 6. Bodies in Light: Embodiment, Technology and Immersion, Michaela French.- 7. The Embodiment of Time, Helga Schmid.- 8. The role of emotion in transcribed modality and embodied out-of-body experience, Caroline Yan Zheng.- 9. The Oxymoron of Touch: The Tactile Perception of Hybrid Reality through Material Feedbacks, Laura Ferrarello.- 10. Post-Industrial Fashion and the Digital Body, Douglas Atkinson.- 11. I:OBJECT - Or the case for Fashion without Products, Kat Thiel.- 12. Critical Interventions in Wearable Tech, Smart Fashion and Etextiles in Art and Performance, Camille Baker.- 13. Giving Body To Digital Fashion Tools, Bruna Petreca.- 14. Embodied music interaction: creative design synergies between music performance and HCI, Anna Xambo.- 15. Digital museum installations: The role of the body in creativity, Sara Price.- 16. Playing at doctors and nurses: technology, play and medical simulation, Caroline Pelletier & Roger Kneebone.- 17. Methodological innovation, creativity and the digital body, Carey Jewitt.- Index.

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