The Risorgimento Revisited
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The Risorgimento Revisited

Nationalism and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Italy
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S. Patriarca
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ROBERTO BALZANI Professor of Contemporary History, University of Bologna, Italy ALBERTO M. BANTI Professor of History, University of Pisa, Italy MANUEL BORUTTA Lecturer, Department of History, University of Cologne, Germany TULLIA CATALAN Research Associate, University of Trieste, Italy SIMONETTA CHIAPPINI University of Florence, Italy MARINA D'AMELIA Department of History, The Sapienza University of Rome, Italy PAUL GINSBORG University of Florence, Italy MAURIZIO ISABELLA Senior Lecturer in History, Queen Mary, University of London, UK ADRIAN LYTTELTON Senior Adjunct Professor of European Studies, the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), The Johns Hopkins University, Bologna, Italy SILVANA PATRIARCA Professor of History, Fordham University, New York City, USA ROS PESMAN Emeritus Professor of History, University of Sydney, Australia DOMINIQUE REILL Assistant Professor of History, University of Miami, Florida, USA LUCY RIALL Professor of History at Birkbeck, University of London, UK ARIANNA ARISI ROTA University of Pavia, Italy
Bringing together the work of a ground-breaking group of scholars working on the Italian Risorgimento to consider how modern Italian national identity was first conceived and constructed politically, the book makes a timely contribution to current discussions about the role of patriotism and the nature of nationalism in present-day Italy.
Illustrations Acknowledgements Contributors Introduction: Revisiting the Risorgimento; S.Patriarca & L.Riall European Romanticism and the Italian Risorgimento; P.Ginsborg The Hero and the People; A.Lyttelton From the People to the Masses: Political Developments in Italian Opera from Rossini to Mascagni; S.Chiappini Discovering Politics: Action and Recollection in the First Mazzzian Generation; A.Arisi Rota & R.Balzani Mazzini and/in Love; R.Pesman Personal and Political Passions: Mothers in the Risorgimento; M.D'Amelia A Patriotic Emotion: Shame and the Risorgimento; S.Patriarca Men at War: Masculinity and Military Ideals in the Risorgimento; L.Riall The Remembrance of Heroes; A.M.Banti Anti-Catholicism and the Culture War in Risorgimento Italy; M.Borutta Italian Jews and the 1848-49 Revolutions: Patriotism and Multiple Identities; T.Catalan Liberalism and Empires in the Mediterranean: the Viewpoint of the Risorgimento; M.Isabella The Risorgimento: a Multi-National Movement; D.Reill Bibliography