Speech and Language Therapy
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Speech and Language Therapy

A Primer
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Louise Cummings
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Cummings, LouiseLouise Cummings is Professor in the Department of English at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She teaches and conducts research in pragmatics and clinical linguistics. She is the author of several books, including Case Studies in Communication Disorders (2016), Pragmatic and Discourse Disorders: A Workbook (2015) and The Communication Disorders Workbook (2014). She has also edited a number of books including Research in Clinical Pragmatics (2017) and The Cambridge Handbook of Communication Disorders (2014).
Providing a comprehensive introduction to speech and language therapy, this book introduces students to the linguistic, medical, scientific and psychological disciplines that lie at the foundation of this health profession. As well as examining foundational disciplines the volume also addresses professional issues in speech and language therapy and examines how therapists assess and treat clients with communication and swallowing disorders. The book makes extensive use of group exercises that allows SLT students opportunity for practice-based learning. It also includes multiple case studies to encourage discussion of assessment and intervention practices and end-of-chapter questions with complete answers to test knowledge and understanding. As well as providing a solid theoretical grounding in communication disorders, this volume will equip students with a range of professional skills, such as how to treat patients, how to diagnose and assess clients, how to help parents support children with communication disabilities, and how to assess the effectiveness of the various practices and methods used in intervention.
A comprehensive introduction to speech and language therapy, covering foundational disciplines, assessment and intervention, and professional issues.
1. Introduction to speech and language therapy; 2. Linguistic disciplines; 3. Medical and scientific disciplines; 4. Psychological disciplines; 5. Assessment and diagnosis; 6. Intervention and outcomes; 7. The profession of speech and language therapy.

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