Thinking History Globally

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Diego Olstein
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Diego Olstein is Associate Professor in the Department of History and Associate Director of the World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. He has published widely on Medieval Spain, World History, and historiography, and has taught and lectured on these subjects in Argentina, Israel, Europe, the US, Australia, and China.
The book brings together many recent trends in writing history under a common framework: thinking history globally. By thinking history globally, the book explains, applies, and exemplifies the four basic strategies of analysis, the big C's: comparing, connecting, conceptualizing, and contextualizing, using twelve different branches of history.
This original and accessibly-written book is a practical guide for students and scholar to study history beyond national borders, language barriers, and enclosed regions
Introduction 1. Theory in Practice 2. Twelve Branches in their Singularities, Overlaps, and Clusters 3. Comparing or Connecting 4. Comparing and Connecting 5. Varieties of Connections 6. Conceptualizing through Social Sciences 7. Thinking Globalization Historically 8. Contextualizing in Bigger Scales 9. All Together Now, a Last Rehearsal: Thinking Globally on Border Crossing Phenomena, the First World War Analytical Bibliography