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Entrepreneurial Icebreakers

Insights and Case Studies from Internationally Successful Central and Eastern European Entrepreneurs
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This book presents key insights about the challenges and the approaches they applied. All companies are featured in 15 teachable case studies – ready to use in entrepreneurship and strategy courses – that represent a broad level of diversity with regard to countries, industries, topics, growth phases, challenges and internationalization strategies.
Introduction PART I: CONQUERING INTERNATIONAL MARKETS FROM TRANSITION ECONOMIES: INSIGHTS AND REFLECTIONS 1. Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies 2. Overcoming Start-Up Challenges in Transition Economies 3. Overcoming a Negative Country-of-Origin Effect 4. Growth Strategies and Internationalization Patterns 5. From Lag Markets to Lead Markets PART II: CASE STUDIES OF INTERNATIONALLY SUCCESSFUL CEE COMPANIES CASE 1: ACE Enterprise: 'Drawing' out the Future CASE 2: Atlantic Grupa: Preparing For Leading in The New Europe CASE 3: Avangate: Preparing the Trans-Atlantic Jump CASE 4: Big Filter: Russian Filters in the International Market CASE 5: Fx3x: Star Performance without a Star Attitude CASE 6: Graphisoft: The Architecture of International Growth CASE 7: Estonia's Laser Diagnostic Instruments (LDI) AS: Beaming Towards Growth CASE 8: LINET: To Be an Object of Desire, Not of Choice CASE 9: The Masterplast Story: Constructing an Entrepreneurial Success Story CASE 10: Modesat Communications OÜ: Riding a Big Wave with a Small Boat CASE 11: Pipistrel: The Freedom of Flight CASE 12: PKF Betar Company: 'Meters' Away From Further Growth CASE 13: Russian Cosmetics*: 'Healing' Skin Care Products in Russia CASE 14: Selena Group: Internationalizing Through Multilocality CASE 15: SOLARIS Bus and Coach: A Bus Tour to Global Markets Appendix 1: The Research Project Appendix 2: Growth in Real GDP in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the CIS Appendix 3: Profiles: Firms and Entrepreneurs

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Autor: J. Prats
ISBN-13 :: 9781137446329
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