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Autor: A. Hodder
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Young Workers and Trade Unions

A Global View
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This book provides an understanding of the processes in which unions engage with young people, and views and opinions young people hold relating to collective representation. It features a selection of specific national cases of high relevance to contemporary debates of precariousness, trade union revitalization strategies and austerity policies.
Foreword Edmund Heery 1. Young Workers And Unions: Context And Overview; Andy Hodder And Lefteris Kretsos 2. Trade Unions' 'Deliberative Vitality' Towards Young Workers: Survey Evidence Across Europe; Kurt Vandaele 3. New Times Are Still Coming, Old Times Are Still Leaving: Notes About Young People's Participation And Union Traditions In Contemporary Argentina; Julia Soul 4. Ageing Australian Unions And The 'Youth Problem'; David Peetz, Robin Price And Janis Bailey 5. Danish Trade Unions And Young People: Using Media In The Battle For Hearts And Minds; Torsten Geelan 6. Mobilised But Not Unionised? An Analysis Of The Relationship Between Youth And Trade Unionism In France; Sylvie Contrepois 7. Trade Unions And Young Workers In Times Of Crisis: A Critical Reflection On The Case Of Greece; Lefteris Kretsos 8. 'Stop The Junk Contracts!' Young Workers And Trade Union Mobilization Against Precarious Employment In Poland; Adam Mrozowicki, Agata Krasowska And Mateusz Karolak 9. Young Workers And Unions In Spain: A Failed Meeting?; Carlos J. Fernández Rodríguez, Rafael Ibáñez Rojo, Pablo López Calle And Miguel Martínez Lucio 10. 'Old Dusty Men'? Young People And Trade Unions In The UK; Andy Hodder 11. Catching The Next Wave: A Study Of A U.S. Union's Young Worker Program; Monica Bielski Boris 12. Concluding Comments; Lefteris Kretsos And Andy Hodder

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Autor: A. Hodder
ISBN-13 :: 9781137429537
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