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Autor: K. Ervine
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Beyond Free Trade

International Political Economy Series
Alternative Approaches to Trade, Politics and Power
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The world of trade is changing rapidly, from the 'rise of the South' to the growth of unconventional projects like fair trade and carbon trading. Beyond Free Trade advances alternative ways for understanding these new dynamics, based on historical, political, or sociological methods that go beyond the limitations of conventional trade economics.
1. Introduction: Beyond Free Trade; Kate Ervine and Gavin Fridell PART I: HISTORICIZING TRADE 2. Trade History: From the Tree to the Futures Market, the Historical Process of Coffee Commodification, 1500-Today; Steven Topik 3. Food Regimes and Food Import Dependence: An Analysis of Jamaica's Food Imports, 1950-2000; John Talbot 4. Historicising Trade Preferences and Development: The Case of the ACP-EU Canned Tuna Preference; Liam Campling PART II: POLITICIZING TRADE: SHIFTING ALLIANCES AND NEW TRENDS 5. Regional Trading Agreements, the Geopolitics of China's Rise, and Development in East Asia; Paul Bowles 6. The New Chinese Presence in the Caribbean: Towards a Global Understanding; Cecilia Green 7. The New Geoeconomics of Capital in Latin America: Alternative Trade and Development in an Era of Extractive Capitalism; Henry Veltmeyer 8. Canada, Extractivism, and Hemispheric Relations; Ricardo Grinspun and Jennifer Mills 9. The Commodities Boom in South America: A Case of Regressive Restructuring?; James M. Cypher 10. Trading on the Offshore: Territorialization and the Ocean Grab in the International Seabed; Anna Zalik PART III: TRADING FOR CHANGE? 11. Can Shopping Change the World?: Fair Trade Social Premiums and Neoliberal Development in the Global Recession; Mark Moberg 12. On the Margins of the Rising South: ALBA and Petrocaribe in the Caribbean; Gavin Fridell 13. South American Post-neoliberalism and External Imbalances: The Case of Argentina, 2003-2014; Ruth Felder 14. Trading Carbon: Offsets, Human Rights, and Environmental Regulation; Kate Ervine 15. The Resilience of Forced Labour in Global Production and Trade; Nicola Phillips CONCLUSION 16. Trade Policy and Politics: From Comparative Advantage to Trade Gamble; Gavin Fridell and Kate Ervine

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Autor: K. Ervine
ISBN-13 :: 9781137412737
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