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Infectious Diseases

A Geographic Guide
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This concise and practical guide describes infections ingeographical areas and provides information on disease risk,concomitant infections (such as co-prevalence of HIV andtuberculosis) and emerging bacterial, viral and parasiticinfections in a given geographical area of the world.
Infectious Diseases: A Geographic Guide is dividedaccording to United Nations world regions and addresses geographicdisease profiles, presenting symptoms and incubation periods ofinfections. Each chapter contains a section on the coverage of thechildhood vaccination programs in the countries included in thatregion. Chapters also include descriptions of infectious diseaserisk and problems with resistant bacteria in each region (e.g.antibiotic resistance in Salmonella infections in SoutheastAsia).

For the clinician, this book is a tool to generatedifferential diagnoses by considering the geographical history, aswell the presenting symptoms and duration of illness. Forthe travel medicine specialist, this book providesinformation on risks of different diseases at various destinationsand is particularly useful in advising long-termtravelers.
List of Contributors, viii

Foreword, xviii

Infectious Diseases in a Global Perspective, xx

1 Historical overview of global infectious diseases andgeopolitics, 1
Francis E.G. Cox

2 Detection of infectious diseases using unofficial sources,11
Lawrence C. Madoff and David O. Freedman

3 Microbes on the move: prevention, curtailment, outbreak,22
Patricia Schlagenhauf, Giles Poumerol and FranciscoSantos-O'Connor

4 Diagnostic tests and procedures, 31
Larry I. Lutwick, Marc Mendelson and Eskild Petersen

5 East Africa: Madagascar and Indian Ocean islands, 53
Philippe Gautret and Philippe Parola

6 Eastern Africa, 64
Andreas Neumayr and Christoph Hatz

7 Central Africa, 84
Gerd D. Burchard and Stephan Ehrhardt

8 North Africa, 98
Philippe Gautret, Nadjet Mouffok and Philippe Parola

9 Southern Africa, 111
Marc Mendelson, Olga Perovic and Lucille Blumberg

10 West Africa, 128
Joanna S. Herman and Peter L. Chiodini

11 Eastern Asia, 139
Susan MacDonald, Yasuyuki Kato and Annelies Wilder-Smith

12 South Central Asia, 155
Prativa Pandey, Holly Murphy and Ashish Bhalla

13 South-eastern Asia, 170
Daniel H. Paris and Nicholas J. White

14 Western Asia and the Middle East: Part 1, 188
Eyal Leshem and Eli Schwartz

15 Western Asia and the Middle East: Part 2, 197
Jaffar A. Al-Tawfiq and Ziad A. Memish

16 Eastern Europe, 203
Natalia Pshenichnaya and Malgorzata Paul

17 Northern Europe, 218
Birgitta Evenga rd, Audrone Marcinkute and EskildPetersen

18 Southern Europe, 230
Francesco Castelli, Fabio Buelli and Pier FrancescoGiorgetti

19 Western Europe, 238
Peter J. de Vries

20 Caribbean, 261
Jana I. Preis and Larry I. Lutwick

21 Central America, 273
Julius B. Salamera and Larry I. Lutwick

22 South America, 290
Rodrigo Nogueira Angerami and Luiz Jacintho da Silva

23 Northern America, 309
Barbra M. Blair, Philip R. Fischer, Michael Libman and Lin H.Chen

24 Australia and New Zealand, 326
Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi and Marc Shaw

25 Oceania, 341
Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi and Marc Shaw

26 Arctic and Antarctica, 360
Anders Koch, Michael G. Bruce and Karin Ladefoged

27 The immunosuppressed patient, 374
Brian T. Montague, Terri L. Montague and Maria D. Mileno

28 Emerging infections, 393
Mary Elizabeth Wilson

29 Migration and the geography of disease, 404
Rogelio Lopez-Velez, Francesca F. Norman and Jose-AntonioPerez-Molina

30 Climate change and the geographical distribution ofinfectious diseases, 414
David Harley, Ashwin Swaminathan and Anthony J.McMichael

Abbreviations, 424

Index, 426

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