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Autor: Arvind Venkat
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Challenging and Emerging Conditions in Emergency Medicine

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With growing numbers of chronically ill patients surviving longerand receiving novel medical and surgical treatments, emergencydepartments are increasingly the venue for associated acutepresentations. How can emergency physicians respond to thesechallenging and emerging conditions?
This book focuses on the unusual and complex diseasepresentations not covered in detail in the standard textbooks,helping you manage patients with conditions such as congenitalheart disease, cystic fibrosis, morbid obesity, intellectualdisability and intestinal failure.

Not only does this book provide guidance on evaluation anddiagnosis, but it also addresses the practical issues of acutemanagement and continuing referral. The individual chapters arewritten by high profile emergency physicians, in conjunction withappropriate specialists, and include authoritative evidence to backup the clinical information.
List of contributors, vii

Acknowledgments, xiv

Chapter 1 Introduction, 1
Arvind Venkat

Chapter 2 The post-cardiac arrest patient, 5
Ankur A. Doshi and Clifton W. Callaway

Chapter 3 Adults with congenital heart disease, 26
Kara M. Iskyan and Craig R. Cohen

Chapter 4 The renal transplant patient, 51
Joseph B. Miller and K. K. Venkat

Chapter 5 The end-stage renal disease patient ondialysis, 74
K. K. Venkat and Arvind Venkat

Chapter 6 Adults with cystic fibrosis, 96
Arvind Venkat and Joseph M. Pilewski

Chapter 7 Adults with sickle-cell disease: implicationsof increasing longevity, 115
Ward Hagar and Claudia R. Morris

Chapter 8 HIV-positive adults on HAART, 141
Arvind Venkat and Sukhjit S. Takhar

Chapter 9 Adults receiving chemotherapeutic regimens,158
Moira Davenport and Mary Ann Howland

Chapter 10 The bariatric surgery patient, 184
Melissa B. Bagloo and Alfons Pomp

Chapter 11 The obese patient, 204
Andra L. Blomkalns and David W. Silver

Chapter 12 The geriatric trauma patient, 228
John M. O'Neill and Elan Jeremitsky

Chapter 13 Children with intestinal failure andcomplications from visceral transplant, 251
Melissa A. Vitale, Jeffrey A. Rudolph and Richard A.Saladino

Chapter 14 Family violence, 271
Daniel M. Lindberg and Esther K. Choo

Chapter 15 The intellectually disabled patient, 299
Jonathan S. Anderson and Shamai A. Grossman

Chapter 16 Adults with conditions causing chronic pain,319
Victoria L. Thornton and Lauren T. Southerland

Index, 342

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