Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
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Dan J. Stein
WPA Series in Evidence and Experience in Psychiatry
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Despite the growing interest in the role of psychological trauma inthe genesis of psychiatric disorders, few volumes have addressedthese issues from a multidisciplinary and internationalperspective. Given the complexity of reslience and posttraumaticdisorder, and given ongoing trauma and violence in many parts ofthe world, it is crucial to apply such perspectives to reviewexisting knowledge in the field and provide directions for futureresearch.
This book has a broad scope. A key focus is PTSD, because of itsclinical and health importance, its obvious link with trauma, andits interest for many clinicians and researchers. However, the bookalso examines resilience and a range of mental health consequencesof trauma, because it has become increasingly clear that not allindividuals react to trauma in the same way. It is important formental health professionals to be aware of the broad range ofpotential responses to trauma, as well as of relevantevidence-based treatments.

The book includes chapters that address a wide range of topicson trauma-related disorders, including nosology and classification,epidemiology, neurobiology, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy.Each chapter comprises a critical review of the existingliterature, aimed at being useful for the practitioner. This isfollowed by selected commentaries from other authorities on thetopic, representing diverse geographical locations and points ofview, who refine some of the perspectives offered in the review,provide alternative views, or suggest important areas of futurework.
Preface xi

List of Contributors xv

1 PTSD and Related Disorders 1
Matthew J. Friedman


1.1 Walking the Line in Defining PTSD: Comprehensiveness VersusCore Features 35
Chris R. Brewin

1.2 Trauma-Related Disorders in the Clinical and Legal Settings38
Elie G. Karam

1.3 Redefining PTSD in DSM-5: Conundrums and PotentiallyUnintended Risks 42
Alexander C. McFarlane

2 Epidemiology of PTSD 49
Carlos Blanco


2.1 Challenges and Future Horizons in Epidemiological Researchinto PTSD 75
Abdulrahman M. El-Sayed and Sandro Galea

2.2 Preventing Mental Ill-Health Following Trauma 79
Helen Herrman

2.3 PTSD Epidemiology with Particular Reference to Gender82
Marianne Kastrup

3 Neurobiology of PTSD 89
Arieh Y. Shalev, Asaf Gilboa and Ann M. Rasmusson


3.1 Translational Theory-Driven Hypotheses and Testing AreEnhancing Our Understanding of PTSD and its Treatment 139
Brian H. Harvey

3.2 Precipitating and design approaches to PTSD 142
Eric Vermetten

4 Pharmacotherapy of PTSD 149
Dan J. Stein and Jonathan C. Ipser


4.1 Critical View of the Pharmacological Treatment of Trauma163
Marcelo F. Mello

4.2 Shortcomings and Future Directions of the Pharmacotherapy ofPTSD 164
Michael Van Ameringen and Beth Patterson

4.3 Dire Need for New PTSD Pharmacotherapeutics 167
Murray B. Stein

5 Psychological Interventions for Trauma Exposure and PTSD171
Richard A. Bryant


5.1 Psychological Interventions for PTSD in Children 203
Lucy Berliner

5.2 Challenges in the Dissemination and Implementation ofExposure-Based CBT for the Treatment of Hispanics with PTSD205
Rafael Kichic, Mildred Vera, and Maria L.Reyes-Rabanillo

5.3 What Else Do We Need to Know about Evidence-BasedPsychological Interventions for PTSD? 208
Karina Lovell

5.4 Another Perspective on Exposure Therapy for PTSD 211
Barbara Olasov Rothbaum

6 (Disaster) Public Mental Health 217
Joop de Jong


6.1 An Excellent Model for Low- and Middle-Income Countries263
Dean Ajdukovic

6.2 Disaster Mental Health and Public Health: An IntegrativeApproach to Recovery 266
Suresh Bada Math, Channaveerachari Naveen Kumar and MariaChristine Nirmala

6.3 Transcultural Aspects of Response to Disasters 272
Tarek A. Okasha

6.4 Disaster Public Health: Health Needs, Psychological FirstAid and Cultural Awareness 275
Robert J. Ursano, Matthew N. Goldenberg, Derrick Hamaoka andDavid M. Benedek

Index 281

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