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Autor: Keith Oatley
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Such Stuff as Dreams

The Psychology of Fiction
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Such Stuff as Dreams: The Psychology of Fiction explores howfiction works in the brains and imagination of both readers andwriters.* Demonstrates how reading fiction can contribute to a greaterunderstanding of, and the ability to change, ourselves
* Informed by the latest psychological research which focuses on,for example, how identification with fictional characters occurs,and how literature can improve social abilities
* Explores traditional aspects of fiction, including character,plot, setting, and theme, as well as a number of classictechniques, such as metaphor, metonymy, defamiliarization, andcues
* Includes extensive end-notes, which ground the work inpsychological studies
* Features excerpts from fiction which are discussed throughoutthe text, including works by William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, KateChopin, Anton Chekhov, James Baldwin, and others


1 Fiction as dream: Models, world-building, simulation.

2 The space-in-between: Childhood play as the entrance tofiction.

3 Creativity: Imagined worlds.

4 Character, action, incident: Mental models of people and theirdoings.

5 Emotions: Scenes in the imagination.

6 Writing fiction: Cues for the reader.

7 Effects of fiction: Is fiction good for you?

8 Talking about fiction: Interpretation in conversation.



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Autor: Keith Oatley
ISBN-13 :: 9781119970927
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 290
Sprache: Englisch
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