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Autor: Raphael Troncy
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Multimedia Semantics

Metadata, Analysis and Interaction
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In this book, the authors present the latest research results inthe multimedia and semantic web communities, bridging the "SemanticGap"
This book explains, collects and reports on the latest researchresults that aim at narrowing the so-called multimedia "SemanticGap": the large disparity between descriptions of multimediacontent that can be computed automatically, and the richness andsubjectivity of semantics in user queries and human interpretationsof audiovisual media. Addressing the grand challenge posed by the"Semantic Gap" requires a multi-disciplinary approach (computerscience, computer vision and signal processing, cognitive science,web science, etc.) and this is reflected in recent research in thisarea. In addition, the book targets an interdisciplinary community,and in particular the Multimedia and the Semantic Web communities.Finally, the authors provide both the fundamental knowledge and thelatest state-of-the-art results from both communities with the goalof making the knowledge of one community available to theother.

Key Features:
* Presents state-of-the art research results in multimediasemantics: multimedia analysis, metadata standards and multimediaknowledge representation, semantic interaction with multimedia
* Contains real industrial problems exemplified by user casescenarios
* Offers an insight into various standardisation bodies includingW3C, IPTC and ISO MPEG
* Contains contributions from academic and industrial communitiesfrom Europe, USA and Asia
* Includes an accompanying website containing user cases,datasets, and software mentioned in the book, as well as links tothe K-Space NoE and the SMaRT society web sites (

This book will be a valuable reference for academic and industryresearchers /practitioners in multimedia, computationalintelligence and computer science fields. Graduate students,project leaders, and consultants will also find this book ofinterest.

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ISBN-13 :: 9781119970620
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