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The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality

Sociology of Health and Illness Monographs
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The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality presents a series of research-informed readings on the sociological contributions of technologies, practices, experiences, and organizational quality and safety across a range of healthcare contexts.* Represents the first collection of peer-reviewed research articles showcasing ways that sociology can contribute to the ongoing policy concern of healthcare safety and quality
* Features original contributions from leading experts in healthcare related fields from three continents
* Reveals the state-of-the art in sociological analyses of contemporary healthcare safety and quality along with future directions in the field
* Offers sociological insights from the perspectives of managers, clinicians, and patients
Notes on contributors vii

1 Towards a sociology of healthcare safety and quality 1
Davina Allen, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Jane Sandall and Justin Waring

2 Healthcare quality and safety: a review of policy, practice and research 18
Justin Waring, Davina Allen, Jeffrey Braithwaite and Jane Sandall

3 What is the role of individual accountability in patient safety? A multi-site ethnographic study 36
Emma-Louise Aveling, Michael Parker and Mary Dixon-Woods

4 Enacting corporate governance of healthcare safety and quality: a dramaturgy of hospital boards in England 52
Tim Freeman, Ross Millar, Russell Mannion and Huw Davies

5 The social practice of rescue: the safety implications of acute illness trajectories and patient categorisation in medical and maternity settings 69
Nicola Mackintosh and Jane Sandall

6 Sensemaking and the co-production of safety: a qualitative study of primary medical care patients 87
Penny Rhodes, Ruth McDonald, Stephen Campbell, Gavin Daker-White and Caroline Sanders

7 Chains of (dis)trust: exploring the underpinnings of knowledge-sharing and quality care across mental health services 102
Patrick R. Brown and Michael W. Calnan

8 Spatio-temporal elements of articulation work in the achievement of repeat prescribing safety in UK general practice 121
Suzanne Grant, Jessica Mesman and Bruce Guthrie

9 Infections and interaction rituals in the organisation: clinician accounts of speaking up or remaining silent in the face of threats to patient safety 140
Julia E. Szymczak

Index 155

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