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A Complete Reference Guide, Volume VI, Interventions and Policies to Enhance Wellbeing
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Using an evidence-based approach and case studies from a widerange of life domains, Interventions and Policies to EnhanceWellbeing examines the most successful existing strategies topromote wellbeing and mental health.

* Discusses the results of the latest research in the science ofwellbeing and their implications for improved learning, creativity,productivity, relationships, and health
* Covers interventions for individuals across the lifespan, aswell as those for organizations, communities, and entirepopulations
* Looks at policy initiatives and approaches with a focus on theintegration of new technology and the role of the media
* Part of the six-volume Wellbeing: A Complete ReferenceGuide, which brings together leading research from across thesocial sciences
About the Editors ix

Contributors xi

Full Contents of Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guidexiii

Introduction to Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guidexxvii

Introduction to this Volume xxxv

1 The State of Wellbeing Science: Concepts, Measures,Interventions, and Policies 1
Felicia A. Huppert

Part 1 Individual and Group Interventions across the LifeCourse 51

2 Parenting Interventions to Promote Wellbeing and PreventMental Disorder 53
Sarah Stewart-Brown

3 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools 93
Katherine Weare and Melanie Nind

4 An Exploration of the Effects of Mindfulness Training andPractice in Association with Enhanced Wellbeing for Children andAdolescents: Theory, Research, and Practice 141
Christine Burke

5 MindMatters: Implementing Mental Health Promotion in SecondarySchools in Australia 185
Louise Rowling and Trevor Hazell

6 A Systematic Review of Mental Health Promotion in theWorkplace 221
Czeslaw Czabla and Katarzyna Charzynska

7 Wellbeing Begins with "We": The Physical and Mental HealthBenefits of Interventions that Increase Social Closeness 277
Bethany E. Kok and Barbara L. Fredrickson

8 The Experience Corps: Intergenerational Interventions toEnhance Wellbeing Among Retired People 307
George W. Rebok, Michelle C. Carlson, Kevin D. Frick, KatherineD. Giuriceo, Tara L. Gruenewald, Sylvia McGill, Jeanine M. Parisi,William A. Romani, Teresa E. Seeman, Elizabeth K. Tanner, and LindaP. Fried

9 Enhancing Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing in Older People:Important Concepts and Effective Psychosocial Interventions331
Anna K. Forsman, Eija Stengard, and Kristian Wahlbeck

Part 2 Interventions to Create Positive Organizations andCommunities 355

10 Wellbeing as a Business Priority: Experience from theCorporate World 357
Catherine Kilfedder and Paul Litchfield

11 The Power of Philanthropy and Volunteering 387
Sara Konrath

12 Community Change: The Complex Nature of Interventions toPromote Positive Connections 427
Sue Roffey and Jacqueline Barnes

13 The Health and Wellbeing Effects of Active Labor MarketPrograms 465
Adam P. Coutts, David Stuckler, and David J. Cann

Part 3 The Policy Perspective 483

14 Creating Good Lives Through Computer Games 485
Daniel Johnson, Peta Wyeth, and Penny Sweetser

15 Retooling for Wellbeing: Media and the Public's MentalHealth 511
Marten W. deVries

16 Policy and Wellbeing: The U.K. Government Perspective541
David Halpern

17 Measuring what Matters 561
Juliet Michaelson, Charles Seaford, Saamah Abdallah, and NicMarks

18 Mental Health and Wellbeing at the Top of the Global Agenda599
Eva Jane-Llopis, Peter Anderson, and Helen Herrman

19 How can Subjective Wellbeing be Improved? 611
John F. Helliwell

Index 633

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